Iron Snout

Iron Snout is a game that is free on PC and just a few bucks on other platforms. It is a game that at first glance looks very basic, but it is also the kind of game you can lose hours of time to. It is a game I know I will probably keep coming back to for five minutes here and there probably over the next year at least!

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The Game Review

There is no big story here. You play as a badass pig who is being hunted down by wolves and you are going to fight to the death in order to survive. That is the whole premise of the game. You stand in the middle of the screen and you are locked there. You can punch, kick, jump, duck and pick up weapons, but that is it.

I know that this sounds very basic, but Iron Snout is just so much fun, and getting a massive combo or high-score is very addictive. The controls are very simple and they are also very responsive and I think that is what makes the game so addictive. Enemies come at you from both sides so quick reflexes are key here.

Some enemies will bring weapons such as knives, spears, chainsaws, and so on. If you kill them and can grab one of these while it is in the air, you can use it. You can even use an enemy’s severed head as a weapon. Sometimes an enemy will throw a weapon and if you duck or jump it will hit another enemy.

There are a few different game modes for you to play. Classic is you trying to see how long you can last and is the main game mode. You also have a mode where you have only one health bar and you need to survive and there is even a two-player mode which I have not managed to check out just yet.

The presentation of Iron Snout has a very flash game kind of style to it. There are a few different levels that you will be fighting on. You will be fighting in the woods, on a pirate ship, and on the streets. Each stage has different wolf variations too such as lumberjacks in the woods and pirates on the pirate ship for example.

I found the gameplay to be quite addictive and it is the kind of game that is great to play when you have five minutes to spare or if you are waiting for a game to install. It does have costumes for you to earn and there are also some tricky achievements as well which can be fun to try and get.

If you ask me, Iron Snout is the kind of game that more people will pass over than actually play and that is a bit of a shame. Yes, this game is very shallow, but it is also a great deal of fun. If you like fighting games or just want a game you can fire up and play while waiting for something else, this is perfect.

Iron Snout
Iron Snout is a fighting game in which little piglets take on the wolves. Download it now and have some fun online.
10 Total Score
Iron Snout Review Summary

  • The game is very colorful
  • I liked how each level had different styles of wolf
  • The game is very bloody and gory
  • The controls are incredibly responsive
  • It is a very addictive game
  • I am not sure it is worth the price the PS4 version is asking
  • It may get repetitive after a while
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