Jump Force

Any game that mixes together the biggest franchises from Shoen Jump is cool in my book. As part of the 50th anniversary of Shoen Jump. Characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Death Note and many more are thrust together in an epic crossover fighting game! Enter Jump Force.

How to Download Jump Force

You get the game for many platforms including Windows. To get the game from Steam, click on the Download button below the review. And if you like cross-over fighting games, be sure to also check out and download Super Smash Bros, Ultimate.

The Game Review

What most excited me about Jump Force before I even played it was the story trailer. Why where all of these universes thrust together? Why were they fighting in what looks like our world? What they heck were Light and Ryuk doing at the end of that first trailer??? As a fan of many of the Shoen Jump properties, it was a very exciting prospect.

The story of Jump Force does take itself a little too serious for my liking, but the reason that these different universes have been brought together and then put in our world is pretty cool. Seeing Goku, Naruto and Luffy have to team up is really cool. There is no English voice acting at all in the story mode and for some reason, Ryuk does not even have his Japanese voice acting, but I do think the story is easy enough to follow if you are familiar with Shoen Jump.

A huge part of Jump Force is that a random person (man or woman) who was there during the opening battle was somehow given special abilities. This is your character and you need to create them from a series of different parts and moves. There is not a ton of customization options here, but more than enough so that you can play like a Dragon Ball character, Naturo character or one of the other styles

The presentation of the game is kind of weird. I think that it is going to be something that you think is really cool or that is rather off-putting. It is very hard to describe how these character models look. They look like statues or action figures and they are actually quite well detailed and I am sure there is a whole line of Jump Force toys planned that will look just like they do in the game.

As far as the fighting goes it is fun, but I would also say that it is shallow. Jump Force is what you would call mainly a three-person fighting game, but all three of your characters share the same life bar so switching between them is not all that necessary. Sometimes you are forced (in the story) to use a certain character, but most of the characters have the same feel to them.

Combat is fast and flashy and you only have two attacks to worry about. These though can be used to unleash combos. As well as these basic attacks, each character has four special moves and these are really cool. You activate them with the right trigger and then press the button (the game tells you what button does what move) and that is that. You cannot just spam these though as you have a meter you need to keep an eye on. Jump Force certainly feels more like Dragon Ball Xenoverse than it does Fighterz.

The AI is a bit on the dumb side. They are very easy to outwit and as the story mode progresses the only reason that it gets harder is that the AI gets very cheap! This is easily countered though as rather than get tougher, their moves just seem to do more damage so you can work your way around it.

Jump Force does also have an online mode that you can jump into. The roster on the disc is pretty impressive at 40 characters so there are plenty of dream team combinations and epic battles that you can have with fellow Jump Force Fans.

So far Jump Force is getting mixed reviews, but I have really enjoyed what I have played so far. The story is not exactly going the way I thought it would, but that does not mean it is bad at all. The fighting is easy to learn, flashy and also pretty fun. Jump Force is clearly a game made for fans of Shoen Jump. Even if you are a fan of just one of the series, I think you would have a good time with this.

Jump Force
Jump Force is an anime crossover fighting game. Download it now and enjoy the mighty clashes of the fearless, brave warriors.
7.5 Total Score
Jump Force Review Summary

  • The story is pretty cool
  • Japanese voice acting is neat
  • Gameplay is very easy to get the hang of
  • Lots of awesome Shoen Jump characters to play as
  • Special moves look really spectacular
  • The load times can be brutal in story mode
  • AI is pretty dumb
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