Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a classic Rockstar game which is played in third-person perspective. The game catches attention with fast-paced action and captivating story, which step by step involves the player in dark criminal intrigue. Fast cars, dangerous car chases, shootouts and getting infamous in the criminal underworld are the characteristic features of this production.

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A Tribute to Hollywood

Many events that are played out in the world of Vice City are inspired by the Brian De Palma’s Scarface movie. Above all the main character of the game – Tommy Vercetti is the game’s counterpart of Tony Montana. Both gentlemen come to the city in order to move up the ladder of the criminal underworld and get richer in the process. The reference to the movie is particularly obvious in the episode with Diaz, the cocaine dealer.

The Plot of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The game focuses on the Tommy Vercetti’s leaving the prison and arriving at Vice City. He is determined to join the gangsters’ world again. To reach his goal he renews his ties with his ex-boss Sonny Forelli. Tommy’s first task is to create a new network of illegal drugs distribution and to find a new market for the sale.

As a result of settling of scores between rival gangs, the hero loses the money and the product, which is 20 kilograms of cocaine – his boss’s property. And this is where the adventure begins in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Tommy will fight gangs and the police in order to reclaim his loss and advance in mafia ranks. The story surprises the player with plot twists and is by no means linear.

The Gameplay in GTA: Vice City

The game mechanics in Vice City are pretty standard. We control Tommy from the third person perspective — the camera is behind his back. Tommy will walk but also drive various vehicles. Among them are many cars, motorbikes, scooters, rowboats, motorboats or choppers.

The World of the Game

The setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a huge city which we can explore almost without limits. There is only one caveat. The city is divided into districts and some of them are off-limits in the beginning of the game. We unlock them as the story develops when we complete certain missions.

Vice City is an accurate representation of Miami. It seems authentic and is full of life. People socialize in pubs, while the rich spend their time on the golf courses, the shopping malls with numerous boutiques are full of customers and the beaches are filled with the sunbathers.

Nearly each structure has a rooftop one can climb, a swimming pool and a back door one can sneak through. Thus the city seems totally real.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an open world action adventure where you play as a criminal. Download it now.

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