Hellbound: Survival Mode

Hellbound Survival Mode is a first-person shooter created by Saibot Studios, a team from Argentina. What they are doing here is they are taking some of the elements from classics like Doom, Duke Nukem, Blood, and Quake, and they combine them into a single title. What you get from all of this is a great gameplay experience and some very exciting moments.

How to Download Hellbound: Survival Mode

To begin the download – click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is free of charge.

The Game Review

The idea is that you have gore, action, and speed in a comprehensive package. The title is free to play, so all you need is to download it and try it out. There is a funding campaign, but the developers are stating that the game will always be free. It will most likely have a way to pay for some items inside the game.

The survival mode offered here allows you to fight against a plethora of enemies until you die. Your focus is to acquire the highest possible score without dying. That can be a bit hard to achieve on your own, as there will be more and more waves that try to eliminate you.

Thankfully you have a good arsenal to choose from, and the experience on its own can be very exciting. The game is all about offering you some new challenges. Just because you are on the same island, that doesn’t mean you will always face the same enemies.

Variety instills here, and that’s what makes Hellbound: Survival Mode so good. You never know what enemies attack you and where they come. So you literally have to be prepared for anything. Hellbound: Survival Mode shines due to that because it puts you in front with many creatures and a variety of challenges that will be very hard to solve.

Even though you just have the survival mode for the game (the full-blown Hellbound game is due to be released later in 2018), the interesting thing is that the gameplay is very solid. It works quite nicely, and it can be adapted to any playstyle if you want. The game is simplistic at its core, but it has unlimited replay value and it’s also free of charge. This shows the professionalism offered by the development team and the hard work put into this.

The most interesting thing about Hellbound: Survival Mode is that it brings in the old school shooter vibe into the 21st century. And it does that perfectly. It works extremely well, and you can adapt it to your own style if you want.

The graphics are nice, they look great yet they still have that old-school appeal. This was one of the toughest things for the game to bring to the table, and it does work very well in that perspective.

In the end, Hellbound: Survival Mode is a very exciting game full of action and gore. If you always wanted a survival/horde mode where you battle hundreds of enemies, this is a very good option. It’s a fun game to experience, and it only gets better and better as you play it. For that alone, the game is well worth a shot!

Hellbound Survival Mode
Hellbound: Survival Mode is a classic first-person shooter game that will appeal to the fans of the old-school iconic titles such as Doom or Quake. Download it and enjoy free gore shootout.
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