Horizon Source

A survival game that features up to 100 players in a match, Horizon Source, a Chinese game, which is a battle royale-style shooter from Zhong Chongren that blends elements of that genre with traditional role-playing games for an intense experience that rewards stealth, cunning, and ingenuity. The game was released on March 20, 2018. Horizon Source, like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, features a variety of environments that the player can use for cover and for scoping out the terrain. Mastering these environments as well as their traps is key to succeeding in this game. 

How to Download Horizon Source

To become a proud owner of the game simply click on the Download button at the end of the review. The download is free and the game is available on Steam. If you like the game and you think you are a fan of battle royale genre you should download another great title, which is Realm Royale.

Horizon Source: Plot and Setting

The plot centers around the development of a super-speed aircraft and a team of heroes from the Community of Common Destiny who take the fast traveling SS Aircraft and explore the universe in search of the origin of life and the universe. The battle royale plot element comes into play because elites from all over the world want to join this space-faring crew and, in order to do so, they have to apply then compete in a virtual arena competition. This is where the player steps into the game.

The best of 100 will win a chance at being a part of this space-faring team that will find the origin of the universe at tournament’s end.

Battle Royale and Arena Shooter Gameplay

The core gameplay revolves around fighting in arena matches as well as equipment collecting and building construction. Like Fortnite, Horizon Source allows players to build makeshift fortresses that can be used in gameplay against opposing players. In addition, there are different types of character classes that players can use, each with their own different skills.

This makes the game a fusion of Overwatch, Fortnite, and PUBG. Like Overwatch, the individual characters have different skills that lend to different strengths during each match. As in Fortnite, constructing fortresses and improvising things on the fly while on the battlefield play in heavily to each match. Finally, the game is most like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds because it is a massive battle royale arena shooter wherein the last one standing wins. Of course, the game gets more complicated as you play it, but the overall concept is quite simple in design and concept.

Horizon Source’s Online Gaming Roots

Gear plays a large role in Horizon Source but is not as important as it is in a role-playing game like World of Warcraft. Similarly, crafting items and building bases are complex enough to prevent spamming without becoming arcane and unusable while on the battlefield. With so many different gameplay systems going on Horizon Source emphasizes an overall mastery rather than a specific specialization in any one area.

Graphics and sound are reminiscent of games like Halo and PUBG and this game should be able to run on most mid-grade systems. That means that the graphics are competitive without being overwhelming. Thankfully the sound is top-notch – you’ll think you’re playing a classic arcade game from the day.

Like the aforementioned battle royale games, Horizon Source features a robust community of dedicated gamers though obviously not as large as those communities. This could change over time as the game becomes more popular.

Horizon Source
Horizon Source is a Chinese take on the battle royale genre. Download it for free and choose any character you like. Join the 99 players and become the last man standing.
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