Overwatch is a downloadable first-person perspective shooter with dynamic gameplay. This is yet another product of the well-known Blizzard Entertainment studio. The creators of the game can boast such hits as the classic MMORPG World of Warcraft and the Diablo series. The abovementioned title is the first FPS that came out of the hands of the creators of the above series. Overwatch was released on 24 May 2016 and is available on Windows PCs and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

How to Download Overwatch

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The Story

The storyline of the takes place in a distant future. The world is at conflict and wars are waged. The Overwatch from the title of the game is a legion of heroes who protect the world. Formerly they were an elite unit created from the best soldiers and scientists who developed new types of armament. Today they are not what they used to be itself. The task of a player is to join their ranks. Although the game is created with multiplayer experience in minds, there is also an interesting storyline that goes with fact FPS action. Just like in the MOBA League of Legends, the player discovers the history of the world in which the action takes place. By studying the descriptions of the characters we learn about their backstories. More information comes from short films and materials provided by the creators of Overwatch.

The Game Mechanics in Overwatch

The mechanics of the game are based on the duels of two teams where up to 12 players can participate at the same time. Much emphasis is placed on the issue of cooperation between players. Through the introduction of a number of skills which increase character mobility, very dynamic gameplay has been achieved. Each character has unique abilities. The wide range of characters to choose from makes the players practically unlimited in terms of building their team. In addition, every death in the game allows us the player to quickly change the hero. If one believes that the character that was initially chosen is not the best-suited one for the current set up, it can be changed.

The game plays out in classic modes known from such titles as Team Fortress 2. Thus we have the opportunity: to fight for the control of specific spots or to plant explosives. The large and well-designed maps do not give out an unfair advantage to any side. Also, the characters have been balanced. In addition to the classic matches, we will also be able to play ranking matches.

Graphically, Overwatch is a masterpiece. The beautiful visual design fits perfectly into the futuristic atmosphere of the game. Fans of steampunk will surely be happy. Also, the characters look awesome,  each designed with an attention to detail, each expressive and unique. In addition to the standard looks and outfits of the character, we can also purchase their alternative versions which will make us look different from the rest of the players. This type of upgrade is purely visual and does not give any advantage over other players.

MadDownload.com in its review gives Overwatch a powerful score of 10/10.

Overwatch is a fantastic science-fiction multiplayer FPS from Blizzard Entertainment. Get it today and show the world who's in charge.
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