Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a free downloadable game created by Valve Corporation, the makers of such hits as Half-Life or Counter-Strike series, The game is a multiplayer 3D tactical shooter where team cooperation is of paramount importance. A lot of stress has been put on the effective performing of the tasks each player has been given at the beginning of the game. Team Fortress 2 can be played on Windows systems and the game consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

How to Download Team Fortress 2

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How to Play the Game

The player is a part of a team that fights another group of players and tries to prevent their rivals from accomplishing their goals. What tasks will be chosen for us depends on the map we choose to play the game on. There are the following games modes to choose from:

  • Capture the Flag,
  • Control Points,
  • Attack/Defend,
  • King of the Hill,
  • Payload,
  • and Mann vs Machine.

There are also nine types of characters at our disposal, each of them is different as far as the abilities and their role are concerned. Basically, there is a division into the characters who are:

  • offensive (the attackers): The Scout, The Soldier, and The Pyro,
  • defensive (who protect their allies): The Demoman, The Heavy Weapons Giu, and The Engineer,
  • and supportive (who help their buddies to stuff): The Medic, The Sniper, and The Spy.

Each of the characters has at least three unique weapons. There are:

  • a short range weapon,
  • a long range weapon,
  • a bladed weapon.

After its premiere, Team Fortress 2 was acknowledged for its originality and humor. Each of the available characters has their own interesting backstory, which correlates with their skills and abilities. For example, the offensive character called The Scout is a fast-talking baseball fan from the USA and his main skill is the ability to move at great speed. By the way, the game depicts national stereotypes in a very funny and interesting manner.

Actually, everyone can find a character who will suit their personal preferences regarding the style of play. The main game mechanics are team co-op which boils down to doing the tasks and making your opponents fail in doing so. There is no place for a chaotic shooting.

Team Fortress 2 Graphics

The game has an interesting look as far as the graphics go. We don’t have photorealistic visuals here. It’s rather a comic book, cartoonish style, and colorful flashy characters. Their outlook matches their personas, so when we pick The Soldier for example (another offensive type) we see a stereotypical fighter full of testosterone which brings to mind John Rambo.

The game is played from the first-person perspective. The locations are designed with great attention to detail, the maps are well balanced and do not favor anyone.

Team Fortress 2 is a game with caricatural characters and cartoonish humor. Despite such ridiculous and unserious style, it’s a great tasking game that requires a lot of skill and tactical thinking. While on the surface, it might seem childish and simple, deep inside it’s complex and this is why it’s been acclaimed worldwide.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress is a tactical first person perspective shooter designed for the multiplayer experience. Download it now for free and choose your character.
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