Icy Tower 1.5.1

Icy Tower is a free downloadable platform game that was made by the Swedish Free Lunch Design studio in 2001. In this free game, the player’s goal is to climb as high as possible up the stairs inside a tower. The highest score is achieved by the player who climbs the highest number of stairs and does it in the most spectacular way possible. With time the game is getting harder.

How to Download Icy Tower

The game can be downloaded directly from MadDownload.com. To do so, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The History

The idea for Icy Tower was borrowed from Xjump – a game created for Linux. Icy Tower was written in C language based on Allegro library. Currently, the 7th edition of the game has been released (version 1.7).

The Hero of Icy Tower

There are a few characters to choose from in Icy Tower but the default one is the most important. His name is Harold the Homeboy and he is a representative of Skate culture, is totally carefree and uses slang. The graphics and the sound are also equally playful. As we have mentioned, it is also possible to select other characters – for example, a cheerful female cowboy.

The Game

The player starts the game on the ground floor of the tower and is about to jump higher and higher. To make the jumps harder, the camera moves up and chases after the character. If it catches up with the hero – the game is lost. The character can bounce off the walls and thus get up higher quickly. In this way, the player is also able to receive more points awarded for an extraordinary climbing style.

The Stairs

The length and placement of the platforms on which the player jumps is completely random, so there is no way to learn in which order they appear and where exactly they are placed. This game is always different and thus it never gets boring. With every 100 steps their appearance changes. This represents a new stage. The size of the platform depends on the stage, the game version and on top of that is also randomized. Since version 1.2 of the game, the devs have added the ability to restart from the selected floor provided that the player has already passed this. This way if you want to start from the wooden you first need to reach on your own.

The types of floors in the order in which they appear during the game:

  • stone,
  • ice,
  • wooden,
  • metal,
  • glue,
  • bone,
  • vine,
  • Super Mario Bros,
  • cloud,
  • rainbow,
  • Rainbow glass (in version 1.3 – these are star floors).

Scoring in Icy Tower

During the game, important mechanics is a jumping combo. If you make several jumps two steps up in a row with a maximum of three seconds between each jump you receive extra points. This is the fundamental beating high scores in Icy Tower.

The High Scores

Icy Tower posts the top five players on the leaderboard showing the score, the floor, and the best combo.

Icy Tower
Icy Tower is an arcade game in which you jump all the way up to the top, being chased by the camera. Download the game for free.
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