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Immortals Fenyx Rising was actually one of the first handful of games that I would play on the PlayStation 5. While I played the PS5 version, this game is available on everything! Xbox One, Series X/S PS4, PS5, PC, and even Google Stadia. It has many typical “Ubisoft” elements about it, but overall, this is a very fun action and adventure game.

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The Game Review

The game allows you to pick between playing as a male or female version of Fenyx. You have the ability to customize your version of Fenyx in a few different ways. As you have probably figured out, the game is based around the exciting world of Greek mythology.

The story of the game has a real tongue in cheek vibe about the whole thing that I really did enjoy. The story is mainly told from the point of view of Prometheus and he makes a bet with Zeus that a mortal can be the one to save all of the gods. What do the gods need saving from?

Well, there is this all-powerful being called Typhon that has escaped and he is wreaking havoc and trying to take all the powers from the gods! The four main gods, Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaistos, and Athena were all transformed and need Fenyx to help restore them. Along the way, he has to deal with other corrupted gods too.

On his journey, Fenyx will earn powers from the gods that he can use to move further in the story. Overall, the story is fantastic with some great voice acting and I liked the way it plays most of the stuff that happens for laughs. It is a far cry (no pun intended) from the usual super serious stuff that Ubisoft do in their games.

The story is great, but so is the presentation. I played the game on the PS5 and was impressed with the way the game looked. I have a major suspicion that Breath of the Wild was a major influence on the way that this game was designed. The playground that you have to mess around with, in this game is very well designed.

Each of the four gods that you are trying to help transform has their own large area on the map. Aphrodite’s for example is lush and full of green, Ares on the other hand is war-torn and darker. It makes exploring the whole isles much more interesting and exciting and helps keep you invested.

The gameplay on offer in Immortals Fenyx Rising is rather satisfying. It is an open world 3rd person game. It has you going pretty much anywhere you want from the very start. Being able to fly is a lot of fun and I just loved the way that Fenyx controlled in pretty much every aspect.

You have two ways that you can progress in the game. You have what is a fairly standard skill tree. However, you do also get access to god powers and this is what I focused on as I played the game. Unlocking new abilities is quite addictive and this was the main reason that I wanted to jump into the new game plus mode when I was done.

The combat in the game is very fun and probably my favorite aspect of the game. It has a real hack and slash kind of feel, almost like a middle ground between Zelda and God of War. You have lots of enemies to fight (although I do wish there was more variety) and getting into it with a horde of them at a time is always a fun experience.

You have a lot of exploring that you can do. I liked the way you could get Fenyx to climb up somewhere high, take a survey of the land and then mark out areas of interest. There is a great deal to see and do in this world and for people who like to 100 percent their games. They will have a vast number of things to keep them busy.

There are also many puzzles that you have to solve. I found the puzzles in the game to be pretty straight forward. Shoot three arrows into this, collect a few of these, move this big rock onto that plate, and so on. These are the kind of puzzles you can expect to do many times, but with slight variations.

I think that for people who are early adopters of this new-gen, Immortals Fenyx Rising is well worth picking up. While the new-gen versions are great, even people who are on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch will have a fun time with this. At the end of the day, I know I have used the word a lot, but “fun” really is the best way to describe this game.

8 Total Score
Immortals Fenyx Rising Review Summary

  • The game tells a very fun story
  • It is way more light-hearted than most other Ubisoft games
  • The presentation is fantastic in every regard
  • I liked using the powers of the gods
  • There is a ton of content to keep you busy
  • Some of the puzzles can get a tad repetitive
  • I am not 100 percent sold on the season pass they are offering for this
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