Insurgency is an online shooter that allows you to play both in cooperative mode and fight with other players. In the co-op, your target is the terrorists and your mission – to kill them. This title was developed by New World Interactive, which in the past created a mod for Half-Life 2 called Insurgency. In addition to shooting enemies, in the game, the player must also craft well-designed tactics. Without proper planning, it may turn out that even the initial tutorial is too difficult and impossible to pass! Thanks to this, Insurgency provides fun for longer, but it also means that the game is really demanding.

How to Download Insurgency

To start downloading Insurgency, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available via the Steam platform.

The Gameplay

The game’s setting is one of the countries of the Middle East. In Insurgency, you witness the clashes between local Muslim rebels and the army of Western countries. The most important aspect of the game is having a well balanced and cooperative group because without a good team it is difficult to survive during the shootings.

Insurgency delivers a high level of realism. By aiming well, you can kill your opponent with just one shot. It is very important to diligently perform your tasks and not to leave the group.

Up to 32 people can play the game at the same time. At the stage of selecting your character, you can choose one of three classes. They are different with regard to their speed and the type of armor they possess: light, medium or heavy. Each of these classes has unique equipment and weapons. Each warrior is also really different because of the wide range of available weapons upgrades. Thus it is possible to divide the roles in the team – the characters with better armor protect the faster, poorly armored riflemen and vice versa: the lightly clad, dynamic snipers make sure that the rest are not fired at by the enemies.

The pace of the game is slower than in other popular titles, such as Counter-Strike. In Insurgency, there are also no armored combat vehicles, tanks or planes – the game is about the struggles of infantry.

The Game Modes

There are many game modes available in Insurgency. Among them, you will find nine online modes and five cooperative modes. Here are some examples:

  • Occupy is a mode in which two teams fight over the ownership of a neutral control point and they are also keen on destroying the opponent’s supplies;
  • Push – a shooting game for the control over five spots located on the map. It is a quick fight that ends after a maximum of 5 minutes or after all the control points have been seized by one of the teams. In the event that none of the teams has got all the available points, the team who has scored more points wins the time.
  • Elimination is a mode in which the teams have to get the object specified in the task description and then safely transport it to the designated place.
  • Hunt – here a group of players fight against a computer-controlled group of terrorists.

Insurgency is a shooter for the fans of the genre who value teamplay and tactical games.

Insurgency is a tactical FPS game in which you fight in a fictitious country in the Middle East. The game offers more than 20 weapons, 16 multiplayer maps, and mod support. Download it now and hear the call to arms.
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