Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is the second downloadable part of the bloody shooter produced by Tripwire Interactive. This game is designed to look like a B-class horror movie, and during the game, several players have to work together to kill the mutated beasts. After repelling their attack, the players focus on fortifying their positions, so as not to be eaten by the marauding monsters. The game also features an offline mode, in which it is possible to play solo.

How to Download Killing Floor 2

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To start downloading Killing Floor 2, click on the Download button. It is at the very end of this review.

The Game Story

The game tells the story of a battle of trained commandos with mutants created as a result of experiments on viruses carried out by Horzine Biotech. Most European cities were taken over by monsters and brought to ruin.

There are many different locations in Killing Floor 2 in which the players fight. They include a laboratory, catacombs, a farm, a prison, an evacuation point or …  the burning Paris!

There is a possibility to play several different character classes. You can choose between the following.

  • Berserker – a melee character,
  • Commando – a shooter keen on using assault rifles,
  • Support – uses shotgun,
  • Field Medic – the group healer,
  • Demolitionist – an explosives expert,
  • Firebug – a flamethrower maniac,
  • Gunslinger – a pistol fanatic,
  • Sharpshooter – a sniper,
  • Survivalist – a versatile character, can do it all,
  • and SWAT – uses SMG (submachine gun).

Each class has unique predispositions and skills that change as the character level increases.

In Killing Floor 2, the players also decide on the difficulty level of the game. The following are available: Normal, Hard, Suicidal, and Hell on Earth mode. The game is played in the first-person perspective – everything is viewed through the eyes of the character you chose at the beginning.

Survival depends on good cooperation between players because there are many monsters and they appear very quickly. Also, some of them require more than one shot to be destroyed. After defeating the wave of smaller mutants, the most powerful of them (the boss) appears, which is the most difficult to defeat (it is chosen randomly from the available pool).

After defeating each wave of monsters, the group usually has a moment to rest, recharge or replace the weapon or buy equipment. Each killed monster gives additional experience points, allowing you to gain new levels (there are 25 of them). After leveling up the player has the opportunity to choose one of two new skills. Each subsequent level of the game is characterized by increasingly powerful monsters, equipped with unique skills. This makes the game hellishly difficult without good cooperation in the group.

Killing Floor 2 is basically meant for group play, despite the fact that it offers a single-player mode. The main idea here is to play online with friends. You can invite up to six people to the game. Playing alone is practically impossible because the monsters are simply too strong and there are too many of them for a lonely player. The KF 2 graphics are dark, and after each shot, you can see the green blood on the floor.

The History of the Killing Floor Series

The first part of Killing Floor was originally released in 2004 as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. As a full-fledged game in which the epidemic covers only London, it was released 4 years later in 2008. The successor – Killing Floor 2 – saw the light of day in 2016.

Killing Floor 2
Killing Floor 2 is a crazy FPP shooter designed for the cooperative mode. The game's setting is a world in which, as a result of failed genetic experiments, people undergo mutations, being turned into monsters. It is up to you and your companions to stop the epidemic. Download the game tonight.
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