Let It Die

Let It Die (previously called Lily Bergamo) is an F2P downloadable hack and slash title from Grasshopper Manufacture, a team founded by Suda51, a developer well known for his peculiar and interesting takes on the video game industry, like with games such as, Killer7, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, and Killer Is Dead. The game is designed to be a frantic and weird version of Dark Souls that brings a slightly wackier edge to a genre known for being overly serious and a bit much at times.

How to Download Let It Die

You can download and play Let It Die completely free. To do so just click on the Download button below the review. The game is available on PS4 and Windows, sadly at the moment – not on Xbox One.

The Game Review and the Gameplay

The story is relatively simple and starts off with a giant, 100-floor prison rising up from the middle of Tokyo, causing outright shock. Shortly after the prison shows up from absolutely nowhere, it’s announced that great treasures can be found in the prison, providing you can get to the very top of the tower, causing thousands upon thousands of souls rushing to the prison to win the prize. Alongside a bunch of wacky characters that are caricatures of their more serious counterparts, you’ll be exploring the tower, while occasionally jumping back into a surreal arcade setting every now and again for tips on how to progress further.

Let It Die plays a lot like a procedurally-generated Dark Souls, with a lot of the same mechanics. Before the start of each run, you must select a character that you’ve created, with each character having their own stats and then send them off out into the tower. While exploring the tower, you’ll be coming up against a number of different enemies, some of which are other humanoids like yourself, and some are a bit more terrifying than that and end up dealing even more damage as a result. With a combination of light and heavy attacks, you need to balance out just how much stamina you use, similarly to other Souls-likes.

As you play throughout the game, you acquire new weapons and armor that can easily be found, but also easily destroyed. The more you use certain weapon types the stronger your character gets with them and depending on how many enemies you kill with that character, you will level up and gain general stat upgrades. Outside of the general tower, there is side content that involves you effectively raiding other players (and defending against them) to steal one of their characters. These characters will become yours after a certain amount of time, providing the other player fails to attack your base of operations and retrieve them from you. Just like in Dark Souls, once you die in the tower, your character will permanently die but can be brought back to life by spending a premium currency that you must pay for.

Easily the biggest comparison for this game would have to be games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, as its gameplay style is practically identical with a few changes here and there. Other than the setting itself, Let It Die plays just like any Dark Souls game available.

Anyone that’s looking for a less serious Dark Souls, with an odd cast of characters and some interesting new mechanics, all the while being completely F2P, Let It Die is the great alternative for the Souls-like genre that might just fit their playstyle.

Let It Die
Let It Die is a Windows and PS4 hack and slash experience. Download it and be prepared for some extreme melee action.
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