I was not really sure what to expect when I started playing Mordhau, but no other game has made me feel like a badass knight like this one. Ever since I was a kid and watched The Sword in the Stone, I have had an interest in knights. Well, Mordhau is easily the best knights based game I have ever had the pleasure to play.

How to Download Mordhau

You can download Mordhau from Steam. If you like medieval-themed action games, you should also read our review of For Honor.

The Game Review

The basic idea of Mordhau is that it is a 64 player (32 vs 32) multiplayer game where you have knights going to war. The game can be played from the third person or the first person and it features very slick and fast-paced combat. The combat is easy to learn the basics off, but can also be rather deep once you get the mechanics of the game down.

You start by creating your knight and the character creation suite in Mordhau is pretty awesome. You have a ton of different options that allow you to bring your knight to life. You even have different voices that you can give them. People who are super into creating characters will easily spend an hour plus fine-tuning their character.

The gameplay of Mordhau is an absolute blast. The game sees you and your team needing to lay siege on castles, destroy enemy cavalry and just kill as many rival knights as you can. It is very fast paced and exciting stuff and the battles are bloody, gory and awesome. You have plenty of weapons at your disposal and the swordplay is some of the best that I have ever encountered in a game.

One thing that is really cool is when you are part of a cavalry charge. This is very exciting and I usually end up swinging my sword like a maniac! The way you can hack and slash at your opponents makes combat fun, but also very gory. You can slice and dice off enemies’ limbs in this game which is pretty cool. There are even these epic executions that you can pull off which make you feel like the greatest knight ever.

I think that Mordhau is also a very nice-looking game. The game does move at a pretty brisk pace and if you take a moment to look around and enjoy the art design, you will probably end up dead. However, I do feel that they clearly put a ton of work into making this game look as good and authentic as possible.

Progression in the game is handled very, very fairly. Mordhau is not the kind of game that always has its hand out wanting more money. You earn gold as you play and you can use this to improve your knight as you play through the game. I found that I was earning the gold at a very reasonable rate.

I will be honest and say that going in I was not expecting much from Mordhau, but I was really blown away. This is probably the best game based on medieval knights that I have ever played. It looks fantastic and the sound is also great. It is the combat though that has kept me hooked, it is just so much fun to play and also very addictive, even when you are the one getting sliced and diced!

Mordhau is an action game in which you will have to prove yourself as a medieval knight. Download it now and engage in swordplay battles.
8 Total Score
Mordhau Review Summary

  • Awesome 64 player battles
  • There is a fun horde mode
  • Lost of ways to customize your knight
  • Progression is handled very fairly
  • The presentation is fantastic
  • A couple of little technical issues here and there
  • No way to have a one on one battle with another player
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