My Friend Pedro

Few games are as “cool” as My Friend Pedro. This is a very stylish and over the top 2D shooter that is going to blow you away. If you enjoy over the top shooters like Super Hot, shooters that make you feel like a real badass. Well, you are just the kind of gun-wielding maniac that My Friend Pedro is looking for.

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The Game Review

The story is not the best, but it is super weird. The idea of the game is that you wake up one day in a butcher shop and you buddy Pedro who is a talking banana wants you to go on a rampage. This game is not going to win any awards for its writing or attempts at humor, but the premise is still kind of fun. Anyway, My Friend Pedro is a game that is all about the gameplay, not the story.

I have not really played a 2D shooter that is as awesome as this one here in quite some time. The idea is to get the end of each section killing the bad guys in the most creative and over the top way possible. You want to keep your score multiplier going as long as you can and there is what feels like no limit to the way you can do this.

For example, in a kitchen, you can kick knives that are flying into people, shoot your bullets off a frying pan into people and then jump out of a window. While bullet time is certainly nothing new in games, this one here does it better than most. You get rankings for how you take people down and the game wants you to do it in as much style as possible.

There is a nice variety to the levels ranging from a kitchen, sewers, a train, and even a vehicle chase. It keeps you moving forward and the game is excellent at giving you new weapons, obstacles, and moves to do. This helps keeps things fresh and as a result, I found the 5oughly 5-hour campaign to just breeze by.

I found My Friend Pedro to be one of those games that I pretty much always wanted to go back to. Very rarely did I “fail”, but I would get to the end of a section and think about something way cooler I could have done. Or I would think of a way I could have kept my score multiplier going that little bit longer.

The presentation is not the best, but to be fair it does not need to. The character you play as does not have much going on, but you know he is a badass. Even if some of the animations are a little “odd” he looks super cool jumping around, killing guys and then landing on a skateboard before riding off with his shotgun blazing.

This really is a fantastic game. One thing for me is that this is just crying out to be a game that stars the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool! As great as this game is, I really do think that a Deadpool game done in this style would be insane.

If you like over the top shooters that also make you think. I cannot recommend My Friend Pedro highly enough! This game is a riot from start to end and it is so good that you will be wishing that they had a ton more levels for you to wreak havoc in!

My Friend Pedro
My Friend Pedro is a two-dimensional shoot 'em up. Download it now for some amazing gameplay while you get rid of your enemies.
10 Total Score
My Friend Pedro Review Summary

  • It makes you feel like a total badass
  • Take down enemies the way you want
  • It is great at introducing new elements as you play
  • The bullet time works incredibly well
  • Overall this is just a really fun game to play
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