One Piece: World Seeker

To say that I love One Piece is a massive understatement! So when I heard that there was a new game, One Piece: World Seeker coming out I could not be any more excited. My excitement for the game grew when I heard that One Piece: World Seeker was going to be an open-world style game!

How to Download One Piece: World Seeker

One Piece: World Seeker can be downloaded from Steam, PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store. To get it, click on the Download button below this review. And if you’re looking for more anime action games check out also The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Game Review

Have you ever got a game that you so wanted it to be good that you do your best to overlook all of the glaring flaws that it has? Well, that is kind of the experience I am having with One Piece: World Seeker. The best thing about the game is the story. I really do like what they have done with the story and the two new characters created for the game are awesome.

As I said, One Piece: World Seeker is an open-world style game so you expect there to be plenty of side missions. The problem is that the game throws a ton of these at you right away, this makes what is a good story feel much slower than it is.

The game is set on Prison Island and it is a great size. You play as Luffy which cool, but I really do wish that they let us take control of other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. The reason that I and so many love One Piece is because of the awesome characters. Here Zorro, Nami, Franky, Chopper and the rest are just there to move you from one point to the next and offer nothing of substance at all.

Gameplay wise I actually have a lot more tolerance for the game than what I have read other people have. This is a button mashing style of game when it comes to the combat. Luffy does have two different stances for light and heavy attacks and he can also do projectile attacks. Not to mention that there is a skill tree which can unlock more moves.

The problem is that you can beat most of the enemies with just spamming the same attack over and over again. I actually liked to mix my attacks up and that stopped it from getting completely boring, but the game very rarely actually required me to do this. It is easy to see why some people would get bored with this style of gameplay.

With One Piece: World Seeker being an open world game, Luffy is able to zip around the island. I would compare it more to the way Batman can use his grappling hook than the way Spidey can use his webs. I really wish they let you chain together jumps so that you do not have to always land, then look for a new place to jump from.

Plus the fact that the island has lots of guards with sniper rifles makes zipping around the island was more of a chore than it should be. It just feels like something that was not very well thought out at all.

They try to change things up with some stealth sections and these will have you wanting to put the controller through the wall. You get noticed just once and you fail! The main issue is that Luffy does not really have any kind of stealth to him at all so it is a real chore to get through these sections.

One thing that is great about One Piece: World Seeker is the presentation. This game looks amazing and I love how many of the cut scenes have their Japanese voice actors doing the honors. In terms of the presentation, I really do not have a bad word to say about it and this along with the story is what really kept me going.

I really want to say that One Piece: World Seeker is a must buy game, but unless you are a diehard One Piece fan you will find this very frustrating. I would actually say that One Piece: Unlimited World Red is a million times better than this. I am not saying this is a horrible game and it does have some positives. I just feel they could have done a bit more to make the gameplay more fun.

One Piece: World Seeker
One Piece: World Seeker is an open world anime action-adventure game. Download it now for some spectacular moments.
7 Total Score
One Piece: World Seeker Review Summary

  • The graphics are fantastic
  • The story is awesome and keeps you interested
  • Two new characters are introduced and they are both good
  • Has the Japanese voice actors
  • The idea of the game is good
  • Very repetitive combat and missions
  • They only let you play as Luffy for the whole game
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