Party Hard 2

Party Hard 2 is the 2018 downloadable sequel to the previous game, Party Hard (2015). The game revolves around ending a loud, noisy party in whatever violent way you so choose, all the while not being found out while you’re doing it. Releasing on the 25th October 2018, Party Hard 2 is available on PC and was developed by Pinokl Games and Kverta, a pair of teams only really known for mobile games, such as Dino Battle and Real Steel, two relatively popular games on their respective mobile platforms.

How to Download Party Hard 2

The game is scheduled for release on October 25, 2018. Meanwhile, you can download the free demo of Party Hard 2, which you can do by following the link below the text of the review. ANd if You like games about partying, why don’t you read our review of House Party. Alternatively, you could also have a look at what we think about FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

The Game Review

When it comes to the story in Party Hard 2, it isn’t all that nuanced and is relatively simple. You play this fellow who simply wants to get some sleep, but it turns out your neighbors down the street most certainly do not, as such, you go and take things into your own murderous hands by dealing with the party in question. Through doing this, you inadvertently get involved with stopping a drug organization and even save the Earth from an alien invasion somehow.

The gameplay mechanics are very similar to the previous game, just with a few extras for you as the player to play around with as you choose. In this top-down, somewhat isometric perspective, you have a number of different objectives to kill the party.

Killing all of the drug dealers and then proceeding to hide their bodies could be considered one of the objectives, and until you do it, the mission won’t be considered a success. Since the game is designed to play like a stealth game at times, a lot of the time you can’t outright murder someone and get away with it, otherwise you’ll quickly be shot to pieces, thus ending the mission.

Throughout each mission, there are a number of different usable items which can be used to kill, hide a body, or use in some other way. There are even vehicles for you to drive around in, allowing you to go on a bit of a murder-spree, without having to worry too much about being shot at because of how fast you are going.

To keep things simple, you can alternate between regular mode and instinct mode, which will allow you to see all of the usable items that are available on screen at any one time, and even the targets that you’ll need to kill to finish the mission completely.

One of the biggest inspirations for this game would have to be Hotline Miami, as it uses a similar, neon-sort of aesthetic, a similar top-down perspective, and the same generalized objective of killing everyone in sight. While it isn’t quite as fast-paced and intense, Party Hard 1 and 2 still share many of the same similarities and mechanics between the two games.

Anyone looking forward to the sequel of Party Hard or an excuse to go back to the satisfying formula of the Hotline Miami games, then Party Hard 2 is a great reason to jump in. Not only does the game look great, but it’s also satisfying to play all the way from the first mission, all the way to the last.

Party Hard 2
Party Hard 2 is a game about a person who cannot sleep because of a noisy party. Download it now and make sure your hero can get back to sleep as soon as possible.
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