Post Scriptum – The Bloody Seventh

Post Scriptum – The Bloody Seventh is a first-person shooter game developed by Periscope Games. The game is published by Offworld Industries with the release date of 18th July 2018. Post Scriptum is a game which is based on the events of World War II. The game features playing through an experience which enables players to take up arms and compete in different challenges related to shooting the enemy down. The player or team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins. Post Scriptum is available to play on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Post Scriptum – The Bloody Seventh

You can download this WWII-themed game from Steam. Thus, to begin, you need to click on the Download button below at the end of this review. You can enjoy Post Scriptum – The Bloody Seventh on Windows. The released date for PS4 and Xbox One is yet unknown.

The Game Review

In the beta testing event, the game displayed many features in the gameplay which everyone looked forward as the game was on the verge of its release. The game is set to feature both single-player and online multiplayer mode. The single-player features the campaign where players get to play as numerous characters and experience the events of World War II. Players take part in different missions which feature large scale battles as well where players are either required to defend themselves and their teammates or simply attack their enemies and force them to retreat. Players are given the option to fight with British Airborne Division, British XXX Corps, US 101st or several branches of the German forces including the Wehrmacht, and Waffen SS.

Within these forces, players have the option to choose from a number of divisions including the infantry, Armoured, or Logistics Section. Each of the division holds a unique ability along with different weapons according to their roles. The overall game features over 40 authentic weapons, 50 usable vehicles, 5 historical maps ranging over the 140-kilometer square of playable area, tank models, base building, and logistics.

Moving on to the online gameplay, Post Scriptum features a variety of online challenges where players from all around the world will be able to compete with each other. Amongst others, the best is the large-scale battle which set to feature two teams of 50 players each competing against each other. The players are able to operate vehicles, tanks, and field guns in an all-out battle taking place.

Post Scriptum is a game which being compared to the world-renowned first-person shooter game known as Battlefield 1 due to its overall plot and mechanics. Both Post Scriptum and Battlefield 1 offer a wide experience of gameplay in terms of being able to control vehicles and equipping various weapons. Although both the games are set in different timelines, the overall tone remains the same.

Overall, Post Scriptum promises an experience full of action and strategy through its gameplay. The game is anticipated to compete against franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty by offering similar graphics, gameplay, and game features. It’s one of those shooting games which actually portrays the events of World War II in its true entirety by providing lifelike graphics, relevant maps, and classic guns, making it definitely worth playing.

Post Scriptum – The Bloody Seventh
Post Scriptum – The Bloody Seventh is a WWII game which puts a lot of emphasis on realism. Download it and relive historical battles.
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