What the heck is PUBG Lite? Is what I can hear a few of your fine folks saying. For many, PUBG was the game that kickstarted the whole Battle Royale craze that we have now. While games like Fortnite and Blackout in Black Ops IIII may have stolen its thunder, PUBG is not dead and thanks to this new scaled back (and free) version of the game it could get a huge increase in players.

How to Download PUBG Lite

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The Game Review

That is right, this is a free version of PUBG. The fact that you have to actually pay for PUBG, but not for Fortnite may be what turned the tide in that war. However, PUBG Lite is offering the PUBG experience and not asking for any money in return. Ok, so you can spend money if you want, but so far, I have just been playing the game for fun and having a good time doing so.

The idea of this is not to just have PUBG be a free-to-play game. It is also made with low-end PCs in mind. When you look at the minimum specs that are required it is very modest indeed and computers with just basic integrated graphics will probably be able to run it. This is great for those that do not have a powerhouse PC!

What About Graphics?

Of course, with this comes some major graphical downgrades. To be honest, when you are in the heat of battle, I do not think that you notice the graphical downgrade all that much. However, when standing still and even in the menus, you can tell that this is a majorly scaled-back version of PUBG. But that is the point, it is so everyone can play it.


It is worth knowing that this is not supposed to be just like PUBG. PUBG Lite is its own game, with its own developer and as the game moves forward it is going to be getting its own exclusive content. This is great because as I write this the game is rather barebones, but to be fair it is a good start.

I actually really like the gameplay of this game, even more so than the standard version of PUBG. It in many ways feels like a middle ground between regular PUBG and PUBG Mobile. I found PUBG to be rather too realistic and hard, PUBG Mobile made things more accessible and this to me is right in the middle. It is a fun shooter and one anyone can easily get into.

If you played PUGB and loved it then I do not think that this is for you. The dialed-down graphics and the simpler gameplay might turn you off. For those who found PUBG less fun than say, Fortnite, I say give this version a try and you will be surprised at how much more fun it is.

The Verdict

So far so good with PUBG Lite on PC. It is a fun and straightforward experience that is great for those with less powerful hardware. Not only that I like the more streamlined kind of experience it is offering. While at the moment it is very barebones, I am sure once the game is released all over the world, more content will be added.

PUBG Lite is a battle royale game for low-spec machines. Download it now for your Windows computer and have a great time.
9 Total Score
PUBG Lite Review Summary

  • The whole game is just a couple of GB in size
  • Only 4MB of ram is required
  • It will run on very modest hardware
  • The gameplay feels more fun than regular PUBG
  • It is free to play
  • Not much to actually do so far
  • The graphics are not exactly pretty!
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