Pummel Party

Party games are really one of the few game genres that you can’t play alone. Then again, they are also one of the few genres guaranteed to ruin friendships. We’re talking about the Mario Parties and the Wii Plays of the world. But also about Pummel Party.

How to Download Pummel Party

Pummel Party can be downloaded from Steam. To start your multiplayer fun you first need to click on the Download button.

The Game Review 

Often a collection of loosely tied-together minigames, party games encourage multiplayer participation and involve mechanics easy enough for most users to understand.

And the best party games encourage an absolutely insane sense of competition that is way outsized for the theme of the title. 

That’s why it is always hilarious to see someone rage over someone in Mario Party or lose an entire game due to a trivial error.

But such is life, and that’s definitely the name of the game with Pummel Party, a multiplayer party game from Rebuilt Games.

This title wears its inspirations on its sleeve and, aside from the aforementioned Mario Party series, also takes cues from traditional board games.

A four-player local or online multiplayer game, Pummel Party lets you compete with other users or AI opponents to see who can win using crazy items ripped straight from cartoons in the board mode and best opponents in minigames.

Board mode combines elements of a race to the finish and Mario Kart-esque powerups. Like in board games such as Sorry, you can delay an opponent’s progress on the board mode screen using powerups you acquire.

You can also make use of traps and other environmental obstacles to stop your opponents. Items can be devastating but also comical. As we said, there is a dash of cartoon influence in this game and its assortment of weapons and mechanics. For example, one item you can obtain is a remote-controlled eggplant.

The minigames employ similarly simple though compelling concepts. One has you digging through sand to find the treasure before your opponent’s do. Another has you knocking opponents off their perch into an abyss below. And yet even another involves a digital version of “hot potato” except for with a bomb.

Made with both gamers and non-gamers in mind, Pummel Party uses these simple concepts to underpin what is, essentially, a Saturday-night board game. Dripping with charm and instantly accessible, Pummel Party lives up to its name and will offer tons of fun for those playing multiplayer locally.

Online, however, we could imagine that it wouldn’t be nearly as fun as it is with friends. That said, the options to play with others online is a welcome one.

Pummel Party
Pummel Party is a multiplayer game in which you play against your friends. Download this title and throw a game night.
9 Total Score
Pummel Party Review Summary

Drawn with a graphical art style that resembles a low-fi Mario Party game, Pummel Party won't win any awards for graphics, sound, or originality. But what it does offer is a great value of a game that will give your hours of fun that you never expected to have.

  • Simple and easy to understand yet addictive and fun
  • Play locally or online
  • Dual modes make for refreshing changes of pace
  • Pretty derivative
  • Graphics and sound are nothing special
  • If you've played Mario Party you've probably already played this
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