Quake Champions

Download Quake Champions, an FPS (first person shooter) computer game produced by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It’s the fifth part of the incredible, legendary Quake shooter. This time is a multiplayer-only title. An early access to the game is possible starting from 22 August 2017.

Quake Champions Download

Quake Champions is available for download from Steam. The download is paid, however, if we do not like it, we can return it. Then the download will be free. However, two conditions must be met:

  • You cannot play Quake Champions for more than two hours,
  • You have to return it within two weeks.

Quake Champions Gameplay

The game is simple, mainly consists of killing all the enemies around. We choose one of the available characters, equip him or her with the destruction tools of our choice and we can shoot the players on the map. Each character has his unique special ability which determines our style of play. This also means that every time we choose a different character we basically play a different game. This way the game will not get boring for a long time. The extermination of enemies turns into art when we have a rich arsenal when we realize that each weapon can be used in two different ways.

Our weapons are:

  • machine gun,
  • nailgun,
  • shotgun,
  • gauntlet,
  • heavy machinegun,
  • super shotgun,
  • super nail gun,
  • lightning gun,
  • rocket launcher,
  • and rail gun.

The maps are full of scattered weaponry, most of them are not our starting weapons but once we pick them up, we can use them. During the game, we will be against other players. Often, the one who first picks up the better weapon will win the duel. Therefore, knowing each corner of the map well, we will have a significant advantage over the other players.

Quake Champions Characters

In the Quake Champions, we also find health and armor. By launching a missile launcher at the right time under we can perform a spectacular feat and make a super jump. This is so-called “rocket jump”.

In Quake Champions we have the following characters:

  • Scalebearer,
  • Nyx,
  • Anarkia,
  • Slash,
  • Clutch,
  • Galena,
  • Ranger,
  • Visor,
  • Sorlag,
  • BJ Blazkowicz,
  • and Doom Slayer.

There are not many maps to play available at the time of writing but since the game is in early access it can change any day.

The Character Development in id Software’S Quake Champions

As we progress into the game with a special currency we can unlock visual enhancements for the weapons and for the outlook of our characters. Similarly, we get access to the rest of the game’s content. When confronting the characters played by the same players we met before, it will be easy to recognize them if they made an effort to modify their looks.

One can purchase the in-game currency with real money and thus obtain the enhancements earlier. These visual improvements, however,  do not affect the gameplay. The fight is always well-balanced, and only the visual aspects change. Under no circumstances, Quake Champions is so-called pay-to-win game. Here everyone has the same chance.


The game is designed with electronic sports scene in mind. Therefore, if we want to compete with the best, we need to invest in a suitable pad, mouse, headset, keyboard, and a microphone.

Quake Champions, the FPS We Have All Been Waiting for

The game is incredibly dynamic. Therefore the gameplay is not similar to what we are accustomed to when the modern games are concerned. This is the atmosphere of the old Quake III, where the players move with the speed of a person with advanced neurosis. This is something which will appeal to the older players who are the veterans of Q3 or Unreal. Of course, the game is so great that it will be appreciated also by the younger generations.

MadDownload.com in its review gives Quake Champions 9/10.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions is a network FPS shooter, which will be appreciated by the seasoned players. Download it now and feel like in the old days.

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