Rend is a hybrid survival game developed by Frostkeep Studios. The game still has not been fully released yet on the market, however, an early access mode is available to play on Steam for PC. The early access game was released on 31st July 2018 however, the full game release has still not been given an exact date but is expected to be launched before 2018 ends.

How to Download Rend

To download the fantasy survival game Rend, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available as an early access Steam title.

The Game Review

The main aim of the game is to join a specific faction, make friends, and battle it out with different enemies and players from different factions, thereby proving themselves to become the best of the best.

Before players can join in on the real action, they are required to create and customize their unique characters. Character creation mainly involves customizing their character’s physical appearance, however, the most important part during customization occurs when the players are required to choose from a total of 3 factions to join namely, Conclave, Order, and Revenant.

Each of these factions has a different color and are at war with each other so other members of the faction that the player chooses are their comrades whereas, players from other factions are considered to be their enemies.

Moving on to the gameplay, Rend offers a huge open-world map with a third-person camera view, allowing playing to view their own character as they perform different tasks. Rend, through its variety of gameplay, allows players to compete against members of different factions in different ways.

The competition ranges from harvesting, gathering, crafting to much more intense roles such as assassinations, hunting, and soldiering. The players can play and compete in any of these roles, and even switch to another one if they feel like they have done enough. These tasks also allow players to level up as they gain a limited amount of experience each time they complete a task.

In each game session, all the factions possess entities called Divinity Stone and World Tree. The World Tree helps factions to mark their progress in comparison to the others whereas the Divinity Stone holds all the lost souls that are collected by the players.

As soon as enough souls have been transferred on to the Divinity Stone, that faction wins the game. It is important to note here that Divinity Stones can also be attacked and destroyed by members of the other factions and if that occurs, the faction whose Stone is destroyed is wiped off from the server until another faction achieves victory.

The game is still only available in beta mode so there are only limited weapons and activities that the players can perform. Frostkeep Studios has announced that it will keep on updating the game by adding more features to it including new weapons, creatures, and cosmetic customization options.

So far, the game has managed to attract numerous players from all around the world due to its satisfactory gameplay and graphics. Players are hoping that Frostkeep Studios will be able to maintain its current standards and that future updates will enhance their overall gameplay experience.

Rend is an action game with RPG elements set in an open fantasy world. Join a team and try to survive in harsh environment. Download the game now.
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