Scram is a free to play downloadable first-person shooter game which was released in early access on May 5, 2005, which is a long time ago. It is a very light take on the genre with a lot of funny moments. It’s crazy, naughty and liberating.

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The Review 

Gamers might recall the first-person shooter era and how big of a deal that was in the 1990s. 

Some might even argue that we haven’t escaped that zeitgeist, and there’s a good argument to be made that is correct. 

But back in the day, when DOOM ruled the roost, everybody in console gaming was trying their best to get in on the action.

You had a ton of clones, a ton of failures, and a lot of also-rans.

Yet one thing that the Nintendo 64 did well was multiplayer gaming, and that would be a game changer for the system’s attempts at bringing FPS gaming to the home console. 

You see, it wasn’t that people were playing through levels and beating the game that compelled so many people to play DOOM. Heck, if that was all it took then Wolfenstein would have been what DOOM became.

Instead, what drove the craze for DOOM was multiplayer. Though not the same kind of multiplayer we envision today, LAN parties and the like for DOOM were not uncommon. Prior to ubiquitous online service and online gaming, people had little choice but to link together physically to play their favorite games together. 

The Nintendo 64 changed this for consoles by coming equipped with four controller ports and a pioneering four-way split screen approach. The titles to really kick this off are well known today: Super Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye, the latter being an FPS. 

Goldeneye took off because it brought the secret sauce of DOOM to the home console. But it was also followed up with a lot of clones on the N64, one of which was South Park 64. 

And that brings us to today with the indie title scram. Itself a first-person shooter with a multiplayer emphasis, scram is most akin to the kind of action you would get on an N64 four-player shooter.

It is reminiscent of South Park 64 not only in its graphical style but also in its irreverent approach to gameplay and its flagrant use of toilet humor. As an indie title, scram is difficult to describe outside of this paradigm because it isn’t a modern FPS by any stretch.

A throwback to the comedy of yesterday, some people might find scram bizarre and its graphics off-putting; however, fans of the aforementioned series from Trey Parker and Matt Stone will probably find a lot to love.

scram is a crazy multiplayer FPS. With some of the players being mutants your life in the game will be very dangerous. But you can be a mutant too. Download it now and have a laugh.
8.5 Total Score
scram Review Summary

Emphasizing a competitive element above all else, scram is best enjoyed with a group of mates that don’t take games too seriously. FPS’s are great but they do seem to be a little earnest these days. This title is a nice breath of fresh air in that regard and you shouldn’t have to worry too much about gameplay objectives and the like. Scram is whatever fun you can make out of it.

  • A throwback to classic Nintendo 64 multiplayer games
  • Humor ripped straight from the edgiest, most nihilistic Tumblr out there
  • Easy to play
  • Graphics look a little rough for modern times
  • You will either like it or not
  • The humor is crude and not very well conceived
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