Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a role-playing martial arts fighting game developed and published by Nekki. The game is set in a 2D environment where players take control of the main protagonist and fight against numerous opponents. The game was released on 1st May 2014 and is available to play on the platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows.

How to Download Shadow Fight 2

To enjoy the game simply click the Download button at the end of the review. You can get the game from Google Play Store. Apple Store or Microsoft Store. Happy downloading! If you enjoy fighting games why not download and check out Tekken 7 or Street Fighter V. They might lack RPG elements but are damn good too. If you’re in for free stuff, Brawlhalla is another great choice.

The Game Review

Shadow Fight 2 is playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The main gameplay offered in single-player mode is in the form of the campaign. The campaign mode begins with the plot which explains how the main protagonist, known as Shadow, was once a legendary fighter who would defeat any and every opponent that he faced. In one of his journeys, Shadow came across the Gates of Shadows, a gateway to an alternate world.

Shadow explains how his arrogance led the gates to be opened, releasing a swarm of demons who tore away his flesh, reducing his existence to a mere shadow. Shadow must now defeat all the escaped demons in order to seal them thereby locking the gates and restoring peace to the world. The players take control of Shadow and initially go through a tutorial mode where they learn the basic controls of the game.

Once the basic training completed, players embark on a journey where they have to face numerous opponents and defeat each one in at least two of three rounds that take place. In the multiplayer mode, players can team up with their friends or random strangers from different parts of the world and defeat enemies together.

Coming over to the enemies, there are two types of bosses that the players encounter: Shadowland bosses and Eternals.  Shadowland bosses are that kind of enemies that are encountered in the single-player mode. These bosses are basically the same demons that Shadow had released from the gates. Each of these demons has five bodyguards attached to them. Before players can battle with a Shadowland boss, they must first defeat all of the bodyguards attached to them.

The battle with the boss consists of three rounds each. Players must win at least two of the three rounds in order to claim victory and make progress in the storyline. Eternal bosses are mysterious creatures that are encountered by players in the multiplayer mode. Eternal bosses can be fought by teams consisting of real-world players fighting together.

One of the distinct features of this game, as portrayed, is the RPG element that is involved. Along with fighting numerous enemies, players have the option to earn in-game money through which they can purchase better weapons, inevitably helping them to defeat bosses of a higher difficulty level. In addition to that, the player’s character’s armor, skills, and magic can also be upgraded sequentially as they progress in the story.

Overall, Shadow Fight 2 is a game which requires proper concentration and focus in order to fully enjoy it. The creative storyline makes the players want to complete the game until the very end. Topped with that, is the intriguing RPG feature and the fighting itself that is involved, which makes it addictive to play.

Shadow Fight 2 Weapons

The game contains an enormous number of weapons such as knives, swords, machetes, daggers, staffs, hooks, claws, sabers, cudgels, to name just a few with numerous variants. They can all be upgraded for more damage with cons gems and enchantments.

Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing fighting game with RPG elements. Choose your weapons and embark on an epic journey. Download the game now. It's free.
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