ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live a downloadable indie game, in which you can compete with your friends in spectacular armored battles. The player controls his cartoon tank and tries to destroy the opponent in as few moves as possible in order to be the only survivor of the battle. ShellShock Live is a variation on some old Flash games in which the mechanics were based on a similar principle. The studio behind the game is kChamp Games and it is their first commercial product. The game was released on March 11, 2015, and is currently in early access on Steam. The title is available only for PCs with Windows.

How to Download ShellShock Live

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

ShellShock Live Plot

The plot of the game is definitely not the thing that attracts players to ShellShock Live. The leitmotif of the title is rivalry and competition with friends, so any plot becomes totally unnecessary in this situation. Although seemingly simple, the game amazes with a huge number of various weapons and tanks, which are unlocked as you make progress. It is totally up to you whether at the end of the day you will have the crushing firepower or titanium armor that stops even the most powerful missiles. ShellShock Live is really a mix of the ideas from browser games, Worms, and World of Tanks.

The Game Mechanics

The mechanics governing the game, seemingly simple, after delving deeper into the game, turn out to be extremely complicated. You can choose from a range of weapons, and each of these you can upgrade by raising your experience level. The players have been given 127 different types of missiles, which are used to destroy the enemies.

On the map, at the same time, there can be up to 9 opponents. A skill tree has also been implemented in the game, in which you distribute points and decide on the direction of your tank’s development. The game also has many game modes, from the classics like Juggernaut or Marksman to some crazy modes like Shoccer, in which you will play football matches with your tanks. The battles are fought on different two-dimensional maps, at which you look from the side.

The Graphics and the Music

The neon graphics perfectly harmonize with the pompous soundtrack. This unusual mixture results in a unique atmosphere – the game definitely stands out. Simple tank models, pastel backgrounds, and the explosions that resemble fireworks than the real thing – all this makes ShellShock Live design so special. If you wanted to compare it to other games, it’s the closest to Tanks browser game. However, what ShellShock Live offers, far exceeds the flash equivalent of this title.

ShellShock Live
ShellShock Live is a two-dimensional online shooter in which you destroy tanks of your opponents. Gain experience and upgrade your vehicles. Download the game now.
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