Squad is a tactical online shooter available for download, in which a strong emphasis is placed on the co-op mode. The game allows for up to 100 participants divided into two teams. This is possible because of huge locations, which cover as much as 16 square kilometers. In addition to teamwork, the essential features of the game are realism and a neat combination of simulation and arcade mode. The game is only available for Windows machines. There is no version for PS4 or Xbox One.

How to Download Squad

To download Squad, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The download is available via the Steam platform.

The Gameplay

The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, thanks to which we can enjoy high-quality visuals. What requires special attention are the precisely reconstructed models of weapons, uniforms and soldiers’ equipment.

The most captivating aspect of the game is its emphasis on communication in a team. You can communicate not only with infantry but also with military vehicles. The communication during the play is an important thing, without which it’s hard to get good results.

In Squad just like in real life, it takes quite a long time to reload your weapon. Also, the effect of gravity on the trajectory of the projectile’s flight has been faithfully simulated. Thanks to this, you can feel like a real soldier on the battlefield.

The game allows you also to build fortifications, and the players can also create huge battle areas. The innovative system of building bases and delivering supplies makes this game stand out.

Squad is the spiritual successor of one of the biggest modifications to the legendary Battlefield 2 known as Project Reality.  Because of this the game is highly dynamic and at the same time it is still a damn good simulator

Undoubtedly, the presence of non-combat tasks has a positive effect on the quality of the game. Do you prefer not to shoot? You can help the team and drive the entire round in a truck to deliver supplies to other units, or you can play the medic and help to heal your squadron.

Squad Review

The game will surprise you with realistic sound and the gameplay, which can last for over an hour without any interruptions! The ability to stage such high-quality battles is possible due to the fact that Squad players are mature and focused on cooperation.

The game puts a lot of stress on tactical play, which means using real tactics in the virtual battlefield. It is possible thanks to a multi-tier command hierarchy.

The game asks you to put your money on the table just once – the micropayment system is not there. All items are available to players and it’s entirely up to you what equipment you will get and what rank you will acquire.

Squad is a game for a mature player who is focused on cooperation in a group, even between the infantry and the armored vehicles. To become a good soldier you need to know how to use the logistics system and war tactics.

Squad is an online FPS shooter, in which two 50-person teams collide. The action of the game is faster than in ARMA but slower than in the Battlefield series. Download the game and check your military skills.
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