Starbound is an action-adventure video game, which takes place in a two-dimensional universe. The player’s task is to acquire new weapons, armor, and other items, as well as visiting numerous cities and villages that are inhabited by various intelligent forms of life.

How to Download Starbound

Starbound is available for download via the Steam platform. If you feel kind, you can also buy a pack of four games to give copies to your friends, which will let you have fun in a good company. To start the download, click on the button at the end of the review.

Starbound Plot

Starbound begins with a journey through the galaxy. The player, or rather the main character, is in a spaceship that goes into space just after the destruction of the Earth. The ship, however, is lost among the countless stars. The crew decides to look for a new home and find a planet which can sustain life. This marks the beginning of an adventure in Starbound.

The game is full of numerous missions and tasks that players must complete. You can also move around the cosmos in a shuttle created to explore the galaxy. More importantly – the ship also equipped with a teleport function, allowing players to efficiently move between planets. The ship also has a storage for the found items, a refueling panel, and a cockpit.

During the game the players will come across various gameplay situation, they will collect a lot of items and encounter alien life forms that are not necessarily friendly towards newcomers from Earth. It is also worth mentioning that the players grow and sell their own products, and they can build buildings and charge fees from otherworldly travelers.

The players can also dig to search for resources and collect. They will also create new settlements, including, among others, houses and flats. These are then rented to other inhabitants of a planet.


Both the developer and the publisher of the Starbound game is the popular British studio Chucklefish. It was  Starbound that has made Chucklefish a popular gaming company. Additionally, the other titles by Chucklefish include Stardew Valley farm game from 2016 and Risk of Rain from 2013. Only seventeen employees have worked on Starbound because that’s how many people worked in London Chucklefish studio at the time.

The game was released on July 22, 2016. Starbound has both a single player mode and a multiplayer, cooperative mode.

Starbound is available for computers with Microsoft Windows, macOs and Linux. You can also play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Starbound is an action adventure game in which you explore the procedurally generated universe. You meet extraterrestrial creatures, visit cities and villages, collect and produce items needed for survival. Download the game and start playing today.
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