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So what’s the deal with the free downloadable Super Mario 3: Mario Forever 6.0? Well, there are few games that hold a place in a gamer’s heart like Super Mario Bros. 3. A classic for the NES when it was released in 1988, Super Mario Bros. 3 took everything gamers enjoyed about the original title and added more of everything.

It means more power-ups, more bosses, more stage variety, more everything – in short, Super Mario Bros. 3 was the buffet table of Mario games when it came out.

Following the success of Super Mario Bros. 2, itself a departure from the series quintessential style, Super Mario Bros. 3 firmly established Nintendo as the king of home console gaming.

As you can imagine few titles are revisited as often – and reimagined so many times – as Super Mario Bros. 3. 

Remade for the SNES and package as part of Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Bros. 3 is the template for a great Mario game.

That’s what makes this platformer such a uniquely awesome opportunity for gamers.

How to Download Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

You can download this remake totally for free by clicking the Download link at the end of the game’s review.

The Game Review

A reimagined version of the classic game everyone knows and loves, Super Mario 3: Mario Forever takes everything you loved about the original and beefs it up for today’s gamers.

The changes will be immediate upon first booting up the game.

That old elevator music, found and beloved in so many Mario games, is gone and is replaced with a synth-heavy track that pulses like a heartbeat – pushing you forward into the fray.

Using the improved graphics found in Super Mario All-Stars, the game also brings over the tight controls you would expect from a Mario game.

Where things differ greatly is in stage layout and difficulty. Though never reaching the levels of insanity found in Kaizo games, Super Mario 3: Mario Forever revels in challenging players from the first minute they load up the game.

Graphically speaking, it is amazing how well the Super Nintendo’s reimagination of Super Mario Bros. 3 has held up over time. Graphical flourishes abound and, in a nod to newcomers, there are even hints on how to solve some of the game’s more tricky aspects.

The powerups you know and love are here but they’re used in new and novel ways. If you enjoyed the game Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii and Switch then you will surely recognize some of the basic challenges put forth in the game

This is because fan fan-made games often revel in their ability to twist convention in the pursuit of a new experience. This Mario game is no different in this respect. Even though Super Mario 3: Mario Forever uses the basic graphics and structure of the SNES games, there are improvements outside of sound – namely in the backgrounds and how bright everything appears.

Made by fans of Mario games for fans of Mario games, the game is probably the ultimate expression of what many gamers consider to be the ultimate entry in one of the most hallowed franchises in the industry.

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever
Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is a remake of the classic platform game. Download this title for free and enjoy jumping while avoiding enemies.
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