The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals is a side-scroller action game with RPG elements. It has been developed by Massive Monster Studios and was released on April 3, 2018. The Adventure Pals takes players on a crazy journey through many weird regions, some of which may contain zombie pirate cats, dinosaurs, and explosive dogs.

How to Download The Adventure Pals

To download The Adventure Pals click on the Download button. It can be found towards the end of this review. You can download the game from many platforms such, Microsoft Store or from Steam. The Adventure Pals is available for Windows, macOs, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The Game Review

The cartoon theme of the game is reminiscent of the once popular Cartoon Network series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The crazy things that go on in the game’s world are also reflective of what happens in the cartoon series as well. While not related directly whatsoever, I would like to say it can be considered a “low-key” homage to the series. In the crazy world, players are fighting and chasing the evil antagonist, “Mr. B,” that is kidnapping old people and turning them into hot dogs.

You call to arms your best buddies, Sparkles the Giraffe and Mr. Rock, to fight and travel alongside you, characters I’ll get into a bit later. With your crew, take on enemies in platform-based zones while using all sorts of tools and weapons to destroy everything that stands between you and Mr. B.

But beyond just traveling to fight the antagonist, the world offers so much more to do almost like an open world where you can take on plenty of side quests. More specifically, there are 5 distinct worlds up for exploration. The game continues its “nonsense comedy” in the game by letting you unlock new outfits by finding cupcakes and finding stickers to fill out a scrapbook. The game also features a co-op to take a buddy along with you for double the fun. The developers like to describe the game as “your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” The game also progresses itself to be more challenging as you continue on to keep you on your toes. The game is a wonderful throwback to all the ridiculous cartoons we had back in the day and does not fail to keep you entertained throughout.

Coming back to our game’s protagonists, first is you, the player. When it’s supposed to be your birthday, all you get is your good ol’ Pops taken away and it’s your duty to bring him back. Do all the deeds this crazy world needs you for in order to save your Pops in time and before Mr. B gets away. Next is your Giraffe friend who also happens to be a philosopher and a MENSA member, for those naturally gifted. Despite the gifted resume, Sparkles is as crazy as they come with a helicopter-like tongue, long neck for escapes, and to help you jump higher. She is basically the greatest utility friend ever, or in other words, friends with benefits.

As for Mr. Rock, he’s just a rock. Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you but for now, let’s just say he’s a rock. Overall, the game’s characters and lore are very well thought out regardless of the ridiculous theme. For those familiar, imagine BattleBlock Theater but as something more than just a platformer.

The Adventure Pals
The Adventure Pals is a platform game in which you have to do a lot of monsters killing. Download it and accept the quest to thwart the plans of Mr. B.
9.5 Total Score

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