The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a downloadable survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the first of two games in the series and was officially released on 14th October 2014.

How to Download The Evil Within

You can download the game as well as its DLC The Executioner. To start hit the Download button below the review. First, however, watch the trailer below. If you like similar games you should download and check out also Outlast and Outlast 2, other survival horrors story with a protagonist who conducts an investigation.

The Game Review

The game features a storyline which focuses on the main character, who is also the protagonist, named Sebastian Castellanos.

The main aim The Evil Within is to traverse through the nightmares he experiences and defeats all the enemies in order to finally escape and figure out the mystery behind these hallucinations and the murder that started it all.

The Evil Within is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The Evil Within: the Story

Being a single-player game, The Evil Within is completely based on a storyline. The only available game mode to play is the campaign which allows the players to venture through an experience full of horror and nightmares.

The main storyline begins when Sebastian can be seen investigating a murder which took place earlier. Suddenly, Sebastian, along with his partner Joseph Oda and junior detective Juli Kidman, are transported to an underworld where they become separated from each other.

The main gameplay then begins where Sebastian has to fight his way through numerous devilish monsters and creatures. Meanwhile, the supporting characters can also be seen going through unique nightmares of their own.

The protagonist soon finds out about their situation after which, they begin to design their own unique mechanism that can teleport them out of this parallel demonic reality. The story is based on their struggles as they attempt to escape this paranormal activity whilst defending themselves against numerous creatures.

The Gameplay and the Game Mechanics

The Evil Within is a third-person game whose storyline is divided into chapters. Each previous chapter has to be completed before proceeding on to the next one.

The core gameplay is based on the player’s survival skills as they have to manage their supplies as well as kill their enemies using either melee attacks or long ranged using a variety of weapons. The supplies include medical health items that Sebastian can use to heal himself after a battle, vials, and potions that can boost his stamina and other upgrades that can be linked to his overall abilities.

Weapons are the main source of survival. Players need to find a number of enemies including bosses for which, they require decent long ranged weapons.

The Evil Within offers a wide range of weapons including a handgun, shotgun, double barrel shotgun, sniper rifle, agony crossbow, magnum, machine gun, rocket launcher, automatic handgun, and brass knuckles.

All of these weapons are spread throughout the map and can be equipped after progressing through a certain degree in the storyline.

Similar to most action and survival games, The Evil Within also features unique boss enemies that are encountered in different parts of the game. Boss enemies within the game are equipped with high bars of health as well as stronger attacks that are relatively more difficult to dodge.

The Evil Within
The Evil Within is a survival horror that tells the story of a detective who's trying to solve a murder case. Download it now and help him succeed.
9 Total Score
The Evil Within Review Summary

Overall, The Evil Within is a decent game which was received with mixed views. Regardless, it eventually became popular enough for the developers to come up with a second edition.

  • Extensive gameplay offering a number of weapons to choose from.
  • Detailed graphics which allow the players to experience the game in its true sense.
  • No multiplayer modes available.
  • Complaints of being too gruesome and horrifying for its young audience.
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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