Tiger Knight

If you have ever wanted to command your own army in the era of the Three Kingdoms period, make sure to check out Tiger Knight by NetDragon Websoft Inc. Tiger Knight is a free to play action war game that mixes RTS elements into its gameplay offering players a chance to lead their own armies through strategic coordination with others while allowing full customization of the player’s character in an attempt to achieve victory. The game offers both a PvP and PvE setting and provides various game modes of play. The game splits players into teams of six and has varying win conditions per mode, such as eliminating the entire enemy team or making quick work of the enemy’s leader.

How to Download Tiger Knight

In order to download the Windows version of Tiger Knight click the Download button at the end of the review. There is also a downloadable PS4 version so you can enjoy the game also on the Sony console. The game is available for free. You should also know that there is another title called Tiger Knight: Battle Royale which is a paid game but in order to run requires you to download the base game first.

The Game Review

While the game may deceivingly look similar to the Dynasty Warrior series, players will be quick to find that for one, their armies and troops are “actually important,” and two, one cannot go around slaying all the troops by themselves. This way the battles in the game add more strategic realism as well as combat realism for players to both appreciate and enjoy. The game especially puts an emphasis on army coordination as different formations and tactics can secure victories while well-timed flanks and rushes can create an opening for comebacks at any time. Depending on how the player builds up and progresses their character, the army that follows will reflect attributes of the character’s chosen class and determine what kind of units can be used. Different units also prove more effective or weak against others that caution players to taker their fights wisely.

However, a notable similarity between Dynasty Warriors and Tiger Knight are its map terrain and formation as snakey paths combined with great halls and castles within various environments are another point of strategy players must take into account.

As for the combat system of the game, many have looked to the popular series, Mount & Blade, for comparison. First, players may choose from which direction to block or attack and long-range attacks seem to be more physics-based like the one found in Mount & Blade. The mounting physics have also been similarly comparable to Mount & Blade that can be found in Tiger Knight at higher levels of play. However, the army system is said to be much more intricate in Tiger Knight as the maps provide various tactical options along with the company of others that fight along and against you.

For a bit of background, like aforementioned, the setting and era are placed in China during the Three Kingdoms period that reflects a lot of the visuals seen within the game. Tiger Knight attempts to relive the battles of this era by offering players to take part in battlefields and scenarios true to the historical timeline. Additionally, each 400+ weapon types and pieces of armor were modeled after the antiques of the said era.

Tiger Knight
Tiger Knight is free an action game with strategy elements in which you play against other plays in PVP warfare. Download the game which will take you back in time to 200 BC.
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