Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta

Now as the name suggests, Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta is currently in its open beta phase. Still, this is a game that I had so much fun with I felt that I had to write a little review about how the game is progressing. Think of games like Goat Simulator (but with more focus) and you have an idea of the experience that is waiting for you here.

How to Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review

I love the idea of working as a delivery guy. The state that some of the packages I get in the mail has always made me wonder what the heck has happened? Well, thanks to this game I have a kind of over the top idea of the trouble a delivery driver goes through when trying to get my games, movies, toys and even beef jerky to me in one piece!

The idea of the game is that it is kind of an open world sandbox thing. You play as a delivery guy and you need to get the package to its proper place in any way you see fit. The problem is that this game uses ragdoll physics so more often than not you will be laughing your butt off at the trouble you get in.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta is one of the most fun games I have played in quite some time. Even getting the packages onto your vehicle is hilarious. Here is a prime example, I was using this conveyer belt thing, I accidentally stepped on it and shot 50 feet away! Placing the packages is something that is way harder than you would think. Even when you get them in there is no guarantee they will stay there.

You see, you will want to drive as fast as you can to deliver your package. The problem is thanks to the physics of not just the truck, helicopter, golf cart or whatever, but the packages as well, the packages can fly all over the place! I have flipped a truck and had my packages fall out, I have had a package fall out my golf cart and bounce about 10 miles down the road.

The game’s controls do take a while to get used to and I am sure they will be tightened up before the game fully launches. Still, I think the kind of goofy and awkward controls are done on purpose as this is where the challenge and the fun of the game comes into play.

You can also play with up to three other people. This is sure to be even more over the top as while in theory, you guys can work as a team! It also means that there are more people to get in the way and cause trouble. I am actually very excited to try out the multiplayer with some of my buddies. I have a feeling that this is going to be huge in the streaming community.

While I know that Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta looks like a very simple game. It is a game that really took me by surprise with how much fun it is. It is the kind of game you can fire up and play for half an hour or even a couple of hours and have a great time with. If you like weird and funny games, I highly recommend that you check this one out.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta is a whacky simulator in which you try to deliver stuff to mankind. Download it now and expect a hillarious time.
9.5 Total Score
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta Review Summary

  • It is very, very funny
  • It is crazy how wrong your delivery attempt can go
  • A nice variety of vehicles to use
  • Multiplayer looks like it is going to be a lot of fun
  • The game is more challenging than you would think
  • Controls do take a while to get the hang of
  • Hopefully, the map will be greatly expanded as development progresses
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