Verlet Swing

Verlet Swing is a downloadable indie action game developed and published by Flamebait Games. The game was officially released on 18th September 2018 and features a first-person swinging environment. The main aim of the game is for the players to swing around using support from their surroundings and reach their goal without touching the ground. The game is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

How to Download Verlet Swing

You can download the game by following the Download link at the end of the review. Another downloadable asset which you can find on Steam is Verlet Swing OST (official soundtrack). Last but not least, there is also a free demo of the game. You can get Windows 32-bit, 64-bit, and the macOS versions.

You can also watch how the masters of the game finish it in no time in speedruns. Just enter this query on YouTube.

Verlet Swing VR

Are there any plans for the VR version of the game. Fans agree that it would be a great idea but so far nothing has been confirmed as far as Verlet Swing is concerned.

The Game Review

Verlet Swing is a single player game where players get to experience a colorful fantasy world based on making contact with the surroundings to swing towards the goal. Players are equipped with a hook that can stick to any surrounding object, thus enabling them to swing forward.

The goal is basically a circular structure that the player has to make contact with, without touching the ground at all. Any impact on the ground during swinging or in mid-air will result in failure thereby forcing players to start over again from the beginning of that particular level.

Despite being relatively basic in its nature, the game holds quite a few interesting features. To start off, Verlet Swing offers over 100 levels of gameplay, with each one being more challenging than the previous level.

The first few levels of the game are considered to be tutorials as their primary function is to teach the players about the basic structure and controls. The game tends to become more challenging after going past the 10th level.

As per the official game details, the last few levels can only be achieved by experienced players as they are considered the most difficult and challenging to complete.

Apart from the main gameplay, the game features a Challenge Mode that consists of bonus levels which players can opt to complete.

They are relatively more challenging and require more focus and precision in terms of swinging. Another feature the game offers is the availability of global leaderboards that indirectly allow players to compete with one another.

The points earned by the players depend upon the completion time of each level. The player who reaches the goal in the shortest time basically tops the global leaderboard. Hence, both completion and timing have a huge impact in terms of international competition.

Despite having completely different mechanics and level of graphics, Verlet Swing is often compared to Spider-Man game experience. This is mainly because despite having no action at all, this game has swinging features that emulate the movements of Spider-Man himself. This gives a feeling of power to the players as if they are playing a first-person version of the advanced Spider-Man game.

Verlet Swing
Verlet Swing is a 3D platformer. Download it and enter a dreamy landscape and act like Spider-Man throwing your hookshot to move forward.
7.5 Total Score
Verlet Swing Review Summary

Overall, Verlet Swing is an extremely challenging game that truly has the ability to test a player’s potential. Despite being seemingly simple, it offers a difficult mode of gameplay that can either motivate the players to keep on going till the end or simply cause enough anger to completely quit.

  • Challenging gameplay
  • Swinging ability provides a feeling of satisfaction to the players
  • Its simple graphics and mechanics allow it to be played on basic systems
  • Can become repetitive up to the point where it becomes boring
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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