War of Rights

War of Rights is a huge multiplayer first-person shooter set during the days of the American Civil War. The game is aiming to be as authentic as possible and even though I grew up in the UK, the attention to detail here is just staggering. The game is a real passion project that was crowdfunded with a fan base that is very positive about the game.

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The Game Review

The thing that drew me to War of Rights is probably what I know least about and that is the American Civil War setting. Set during 1882 the game has the most authentic-looking uniforms, weapons, backgrounds, battlefields and so on that is possible. If you are a history buff; I am sure you will get a massive kick out of the attention to detail on display here.

The score of the battles here is phenomenal and the game is still in early access! It supports up to 150 players at once and these massive battles are exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. There are many different armies that you can fight in and you have different player classes to pick from, private, noncommissioned officer, officer, and flag bearer.

You then have various ranks starting at private all the way to colonel. Will you be a standard cog in the wheel or will you be a colonel who is leading the charge? There is so much freedom of choice here, I just played as a regular private and did my bit to help, but it was cool seeing some players take a real leading role, and hopefully, I can build up to that.

The number of battles in the game is crazy and I am sure if I knew more about the American Civil War I would appreciate them more. However, as of writing, there are over 30 battles to take part in and they do a good job of explaining what is going on. I know that this is a multiplayer game, but I would love to see these guys do a real story-driven single-player mode.

The action is fast-paced and as there are so many players, things can get very hectic. You may think that a game based on the Civil War due to the “old” weaponry would be slow, but that is not the case at all. The gameplay is nice and tight, and I found it to be very easy to pick up and figure out. Anyone who has played a first-person shooter before will feel right at home here.

The visuals in the game are very impressive. I know that they went above and beyond with the realism, but I just appreciate them for how good they look. I had no frame rate issues and in all, War of Rights is a very well-made game. Each area from the houses, the fields, the woods, and so on has tons of little details that help make this feel like a real-world you are fighting in.

If you check out the official page for this game, you can see all of the features they have planned for the game. What is here is already great, but future content including adding in a Historical Battle Mode and adding in cavalry sounds like it is going to make the game even more fun.

If you are looking for a fun first-person shooter, you cannot go wrong with this. I know nothing about the Civil War (apart from the awesome Guns n Roses song) and I loved it! It is crazy that this is still in early access as there is more than enough here to class it as a full release. If you love multiplayer first-person shooters, I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

War of Rights
War of Rights is a multiplayer action game played from the first-person perspective. Download it now and take part in the American Civil War.
8.5 Total Score
War of Rights Review Summary

  • The game has a very high level of authenticity
  • It looks fantastic
  • The battles are incredibly action-packed and a lot of fun
  • There are many units, classes, and positions to choose from
  • They have a lot of great stuff planned for future updates
  • I do wish there was some kind of big COD style single-player mode
  • So far, the game is not scheduled to come to consoles
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