War Robots

War Robots is an online game created with a very simple premise. The idea here is that you enter into the world of 6 v 6 online battles. The game is all about bringing you a unique, distinct approach towards the world of robots, and you get to experience firsthand how you can battle from a robot suit.

The game can be played on Facebook and on both Android and iOS. There are hundreds of weapons in here, as well as plenty of unique combinations. You can create your own clan if you want to, and you can strategize with other people in order to win.

How to Download War Robots

You can enjoy War Robots by downloading it from Steam (where there is also a free downloadable virtual reality version called War Robots VR: The Skirmish) or from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To start – click on the download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

You have more than 20 robot types to choose from. Each robot comes with different abilities, and that makes the entire gameplay experience a lot more rewarding and interesting. You can feel free to create a machine for your own play style if you want.

All battles take place in real time. It means there’s no time to prepare for any fallout or attacks. You just need to be ready for anything, and that’s where War Robots shines. You can battle opponents from all over the world. And since this is a real-time game with real people as opponents, you need to have a working and powerful internet connection at all times if you want to win properly.

You can also create clans and leagues if you want. This makes the entire experience a lot more rewarding, and in the end, this can be one great opportunity for you to consider. New robots are added all the time, and the title is constantly improved and adjusted with new content. This makes each new experience fresh and more exciting than the previous one. A lot of attention to detail was placed on creating a fair and fun gaming experience.

That’s why War Robots receives a lot of adjustments every time. During the 4+ years since the game has been out, there were a lot of updates for the game. Some focused on visuals, others adjusted the gameplay in order to make it more appealing and rewarding. The title is all about fairness and strategy, which is why a lot of people will enjoy the idea of using a war robot like this. The gameplay is more and more demanding every time you play because you always have new challenges coming your way.

Thanks to the immerse visuals, War Robots makes you feel a part of that great world. And at the same time, you always have the ability to customize your robot in any way you see fit. There are particular limitations, and that would be one of the things that characterize War Robots. The game is all about resilience and working closely with your team in order to win. Communication is a key component in the game, and it’s a very important aspect of the entire way you play the game. People play War Robots because it’s intense and fun, and you should check it out!

War Robots
War Robots is a third-person multiplayer online shooter where metal giants collide in tactical six versus six battle. Download the game for free and destroy your metallic brethren.
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