War Thunder

Wage war on enemies with many different approaches in War Thunder – a free downloadable military game. No longer does the player have to choose one venue to wage a strategic attack on their game enemies. War Thunder allows players to use air, land, and sea to attack and be victorious over their gaming enemies.

How to Download War Thunder

Register for free to play the game by clicking the Download button below and then download War Thunder on your hard drive.

War Thunder Tournaments

Join tournaments for the chance to win trophies and enhance gameplay. Tournaments let the players do air strikes, create tank strategies, and even take part in sea battles are among the many tournaments that the player can participate in. Try your hand at strategically out thinking opponents and taking home the trophies.

Joining War Thunder connects players with a group that wants more from their wargaming experience. These players demand:

  • better graphics
  • more options
  • better interchanges of ideas
  • more challenges

Blogs on the site let players exchange tips and skills that will earn them greater powers and more options for vehicles, planes, and ships.

War Thunder Graphics

Crystal clear images that put you right in the middle of the action. War Thunder offers realistic settings and landscapes that will literally blow you away. See the smoke expel from tank fire, watch the explosions with the many layers of reds and oranges that are true to real life explosions. See tanks and planes crash and burn as you conquer another layer of the game.

Online Format of the Game

One of the best facets of the game is that it is free. Online formats allow people from your region and around the world to connect and try their hand at winning battles, and eventually wars. Get to see what it was like in WWII battlefields and see different areas of the world. Play for free on PC or on PS4 or online, whichever one desires.

History Portrayed in War Thunder

This war game offers a realistic look into the areas and landscapes of different era wars. True to real life for the time period the game is set in, the player can get a hands-on, real-life look at the history behind some of the greatest battles ever fought. History takes on a whole new look and feel when you live it out for yourself.

The history does not just stop at architecture and landscapes. It also encompasses the actual tanks, planes, and seacraft that were used at those times. One can choose different countries to represent, America, China, Japan, and get a real life look into their crafts of warfare.

MMO Communications

Players can team up and communicate with one another across the entire format. Radio signals are the way that communicating during battle are done, and they sound realistic. Communications can also take place on the site’ many boards and blogs where players can exchange tips and boast of prowess.

War games are pretty generic, but this one is not. WT offers so many different facets that one can use it blows all other war games out of the water. The best way to get a real feel for real war is immersing self into not only the gameplay but also into the settings and landscapes that were really fought on.

War Thunder
War Thunder is a military MMO where you take control of armored vehicles, aircraft or ships and take part in battles against other players.
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