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Warblade 1.34

Warblade is a classic downloadable and totally immersing cosmic shoot ’em up. It offers dynamic action, which we witness during many consecutive space battles. During the encounters, the shot-down alien spacecraft sometimes drop items. Most of the time they are bonuses and upgrades for our ship, but sometimes they can be deadly traps. Because of its rapid pace and unpredictability, Warblade can provide entertainment for hours.

How to Download Warblade

The game has a demo which can be downloaded totally free of charge. And if you like space shooters check out also our review of Deep Space Waifu.

A Cosmic Crusade

In the game, we pilot a small spaceship. Alone we need to fight against the prevailing enemy forces. As far as the graphics are concerned Warblades resembles the classic arcade two-dimensional shooters that were common during the times Amiga computers were popular. The old title that instantly comes to mind is Galaga – the hit from arcade machines.

In Warblade, the armed spaceship that we control is placed at the bottom of the screen. The enemies come from the opposite direction. Our task is to annihilate them in order to proceed to the next level.

Our efforts are accompanied by grand explosions and this one factor can be decisive when we consider why this game is appealing to the arcade game fans. Despite that Warblade graphics-wise is inferior to the modern games, it makes up for it with its fast gameplay.

In Warblade the main task for the player is to save Earth from alien invasion in a solitary mission. We have to eliminate each upcoming alien aircraft, as a reward receiving upgrades from the loot they drop. These can be upgrades for our weapons but also many other perks. At the beginning of the game, we start with a humble slow cannon that can shoot one missile at the time. As we shoot down our foes we can catch a double, triple or quadruple shooting upgrades. One caveat – if we catch a worse cannon, it will replace the better one that we already have.

Warblade – the Weapons and the Bonuses

There are also bonuses that increase the speed with which our aircraft is moving. This can be essential if want to quickly dodge an upcoming missile or worse, one that is following us. The shot-down ships can sometimes also drop coins made of different metal (silver, gold, etc.). The money that we make in this fashion can be spent once we reach the shop in the game. There we can also buy other nice items: armor for the ship, extra time for mission completion or extra lives. The while list of the upgrades can be found below – from the cheapest one that costs 50 to the more expensive items, worth 3 000.

  • Extra Speed – increased speed
  • Extra Bullet – an additional bullet that we can shoot at the time
  • Double Shot – basic cannon upgrade, now we have two cannons
  • Less Speed – for those who are not comfortable piloting fast ships
  • Triple Shot – three cannons, shooting diagonally
  • Quad Shot – for cannons, shooting up
  • Auto Fire Unit – the ship shoots on itself, we don’t need to press keys
  • Super Triple – more powerful Triple Shot
  • Ship Armour – the armor against the missiles, it saves life
  • Plasma – high frequency of shots but low power
  • Extra Life – exactly that
  • Fire Balls – very good weapon, slow, but powerful
  • Game Secret – no spoilers for you
  • Rank Marker – increases the number of points we earn, handy in on further levels, and it provides us with a secret
  • Extra Time – increases the time that we have to complete a level and thus stops the appearance of the alien spaceship with robot bombs
  • Laser Beam – the laser can destroy also the enemies who are in the back rows
  • War I. Plasma – the ultimate weapon

Every now and then we will have to face the boss. Bosses are, of course, hard to beat. After we deal with it we can catch colorful balls that can help us to obtain a better military rank.

Warblade is an old-school shoot 'em up, which can make you forget about the world for long hours. Download the long free demo now.
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