Warframe is a free downloadable online action game set in an evolving science fiction world. The main goal of the game is the fight for dominance in the solar system. The players perform various quests and compete in PvE and PvP systems. The game was released in March 2013. The developer and the publisher of the game is Digital Extremes studio. The Canadian team is also responsible for such games as The Darkness II, Dark Sector, Homefront and Bioshock 2.

How to Download Warframe

The game is available for download on Steam as well as on the manufacturer’s website. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review. And if you like third-person sci-fi shooters check out also our review of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Plains of Eidolon

In October 2017 the game received Plains of Eidolon expansion. Because of the huge changes it brought to the game, some critics wanted to call it Warframe 2. The expansion introduces a new area of five square kilometers. To see for yourself the benefits of the Warframe Plains of Eidolon add-on, watch the trailer from YouTube. You will find it in this review.

Game Plot

The plot of the game begins after the old war has ended. The Tenno (the race of ancient warriors controlled by the player) who wield mighty swords were asleep for many centuries. Some of them died in the war, but those who remain are needed as your allies in the fight against the Grineer race, human clones that populate the solar system with their troops. You also have Lotus on your side, a mysterious guide who will show you how to use the Warframe armor.

The Gameplay

The game setting is not an open world. The story forces you to perform specific tasks. You do have a certain freedom of movement. You are also free to choose which fights to engage in. But still, you are required to complete the mandatory quests. On the bright side – they are very well designed and thus interesting.

The world of the game is the solar system. There you can choose different futuristic characters and weapons. Once you are a part of this amazing environment, you have to kill enemies and continue to move onward. In the process, you receive new items, new gear, and outfits with different properties.

The Graphics in Warframe

The graphics look nice and it shows that they are made with gusto. Thus you experience gameplay that you can truly enjoy. The world is large and well designed. The enemies you meet there can be eliminated by swords or guns.

The Players, the Website, and Warframe Wiki

The game is similar to Mass Effects 3. However, the action is faster and requires more manual skills. Warframe has been appreciated by several million players, and due to its popularity, the number is constantly growing. This is good news – the internet is full of game related materials, video recordings, information and tutorials on how to play Warframe. The game offers single and multiplayer modes. Thus, together with friends, you can fight conquer the solar system. Four friends can join the game, which is enough to create a solid team.

Warframe received has got a large website with lots of stuff to read and watch. You will find there a large number of graphics, video clips, news, fans section and all the information needed for the game (guides, secret info, hardware requirements or screenshots). You should also check out the Warframe online wiki. The game offers more than a dozen language versions.

The Hardware Requirements

Warframe will run on Windows Xbox One and PS4. The minimum system requirements for the PCs that must be met before starting the game are: the Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 processor (or similar), 2 GB of RAM, DirectX 9.0c, 25 GB of free disk space and the ATI Radeon HD 3600 graphics card (or similar).

Warframe is a cooperative free TPP shooter played in a science-fiction world. Download it and become a warrior of the future.
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