Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt is a downloadable first-person shooter horror game, but it also presents some elements of RPG and graphic adventure. It was released on September 3rd, 2018 for Windows 10 and developed by Andrii Vintsevych. You can download it from Steam.

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The Game Review

The game goes for the 18th century in a location called Bellville which is placed in the middle of the woods in some scary place in England (it looks so). The principal character of this game goes to that city in order to fight demons because his family got killed by them. So, he goes there to deal with these creatures because people in there had started to disappear.

The game doesn’t require too much in terms of graphics power, so if you have a decent computer for games you can probably run the game effectively. This game looks like a new experiment for a new game developer so they are just beginning to run things, it’s not such a delicate game but they did a really good job.


You start walking in the city of Bellville while some characters appear, they don’t speak too much but they give you some clues for what is going on. The atmosphere in the game is something creepy as you see some woman hanging decapitated and you start listening to some horrifying screams sometimes.

There is everything to make you feel your heartbeat increasing, everything is in the night and the woods are somewhat scary too. You go to a church and some guy tells you that the father has been killed by some creatures, so you go to the middle of the woods to find them in order to kill them or figure out what the hell is going on. You have some weapons to help you, as the same with some crucifixes and all that XVIII century stuff.

So that makes this game feel great because you need to survive with old weapons that were not much effective as newer ones. You need to explore a lot, as you might find interesting stuff out there that could be useful later in the game. Creatures are scary and they come from a wide variety of abilities like I said before, it is more difficult to deal with them in comparison with other games because you have weapons that are not really effective as much as sophisticated ones from later centuries.

The battles are first view shooting, so you have to be precise with your mouse. When you start exploring the woods, you don’t have a predetermined route, so, the interesting part of it is that you can go however you like, you decide the order of things to explore, which makes the game scarier because it feels as if you were really in there trying to figure things out. It is also something enjoyable to explore every place in there because some creepy stuff appears all of a sudden, you need to select carefully what to buy for some guys because you can’t buy all of what they sell you.

Witch Hunt Reception and Critic Reviews

This game is not that much popular; however, it has received good critics over the few days of release, players have enjoyed this type of game because you really get immersed in its gameplay and settling, some of them are waiting for a second game or at least some downloadable content.


This is a new game that is being developed by a new company, don’t expect things to be finely pulled out, however, the game really scares you and you can enjoy it nicely with headphones at night with lights turned off.

Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt is a first-person perspective shooter in which you hunt the horror of the 18th century. Download it and be prepared to explorer large environments in order to exterminate all evil.
8.5 Total Score
Witch Hunt Review Summary

The great thing about Witch Hunt the game is that the price is not steep. People usually underestimates games from small companies like with this game, however small developers can do things freely without any pressure at all. This game doesn’t have great graphic motor but that is not an impediment for getting you involved in the great gameplay and mystery of horror hunting.

  • Good design of 1700’s setting
  • It’s scary
  • No linear
  • Exploration
  • Big scenarios
  • Cheap
  • Poor graphics by its year of release
  • Not too much storyline
  • Short game
  • Easy game
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
Andrii Vintsevych
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Windows 10
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