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Yakuza 0 is an action-adventure game developed and published by Sega. The game is a prequel to the Yakuza Series and was initially released on 12th March 2015. The game follows a Japanese series in the main campaign where the player follows the storyline and adventure through to the towns of Tokyo and Osaka, all while defeating numerous enemies that come across their paths. The game is available to play on the platforms of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Yakuza 0

You can download the game form PlayStation Store or from Steam. The price of the Yakuza 0 is $19.99. To download the game click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like this type of games, be also sure to download and check out one of the GTA series titles such as Grand Theft Auto V.

The Game Review

Starting off with the main menu, the game features both multiplayer and single-player modes for the players to take part in. In the single-player mode, the game offers an intense campaign where the players get to play the characters of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima.

The game is third-person, based in an open world map and is set in the month of December 1988. The main storyline revolves around both the protagonist characters of Kazuma and Goro as they find themselves getting involved in the events of what is known as the Empty Lot dispute. In Kamurocho, Tokyo, Kiryu is framed for the murder of a man whom he collected from.

As a result, Kiryu goes on a run, in order to prove his innocence to the forces. Meanwhile, Majima, after being kicked out of from the Tojo Clan, is given the opportunity to redeem himself by murdering a little blind girl, however, he refuses the offer and in-turn tries to protect that girl from all sorts of harm.

The players get to play both the characters at different events as the story progresses. Yakuza 0 features a relatively complex combat system as each character can switch between different battle styles during a fight. Kiryu can switch between two styles namely, Thug Style which consists of powerful but slow attacks and can be used to lift up heavy weapons, and Rush style which focuses on light but fast attacks.

Majima also utilizes different fighting styles including Thug Style and the unique Breaker Style which enables him to perform dance-based attacks. Additional fighting styles can also be unlocked as the story progresses including Legendary, Dragon of Dojima, and Mad Dog of Shimano Styles.

Moving on to the multiplayer mode, Yakuza 0 features an online mode where players can compete and fight against each other using the styles of their choice. The game also offers a variety of mini-games including the classic Sega Arcade games that are taken from the 1980’s. Some of the minigames include Outrun, Super Hang-On, Batting Center, Koi-Koi, Telephone Club, Catfights, and Roulette. A number of these games are dependant on the city locations and can only be played on specific areas of the map.

Overall, Yakuza 0 is a very intense game with a solid campaign storyline and excellent gameplay. The game has been received very well by fans from around the world. It has received praises from all around particularly due to its unique combat controls and the variety that it offers in terms of both the campaign and the minigames that are available to play.

Yakuza 0
Yakuza 0 is a Japanese equivalent of GTA. The story of the game describes the even several years before the first Yakuza game (before Yakuza 0 was released there were six Yakuza titles published the last being Yakuza 6). Download the game now.
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