Cheat Engine 7.3

Cheat Engine is a free downloadable program that was created with the computer games fans in mind. The program is distributed as free software with an open-source code. Cheat Engine is used to modify any computer game on a PC with the Windows operating system. With it, the players will have the opportunity to quickly or easily increase or decrease the difficulty of the game.

How to Download Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is available for free download. To download the program, click on the Download button at the end of his review.

How the Program Works

Cheat Engine gives the players almost unlimited possibilities to change computer games in single-player mode. It is obvious that the author of this application could not give such options also to multiplayer. That would be unfair to the other players. But cheating in a single-player mode is fine.

This program is aimed primarily at more advanced users. However, people who are just starting their adventure with games, after reading the application’s manual, should also not have too much problem in making both small changes and major modifications to many computer games.

Cheat Engine has many modules. These include the tools enabling you to assemble and disassemble and create trainers and speed hacks. There is also a debugger here. If the basic features prove to be insufficient for the users, they can expand application capabilities using numerous plug-ins, which are available on the website of the manufacturer of this program. Thanks to this software, the player can also:

  • adjust the number of health points and the character’s energy level,
  • make the in-game gear stronger,
  • make the character give more damage,
  • increase the power of certain potions and objects.

There is also the option of introducing an unlimited number of levels to the game to the game. In addition, in most computer games, the application gives you the ability to change settings for in-game graphics. This solution allows you to enter your own textures into the game, so as a player you can, for example, revamp and modernize old versions of your favorite games.

How to Use Cheat Engine – the Guide

At the beginning of your adventures with the program, especially if you feel you are a beginner, you may have a problem with it and the application may seem extremely difficult to learn. Fortunately, it is not. Already during the first launch of the program, a window appears in which you can familiarize with an interactive guide (tutorial), which, in a user-friendly way, will convey how all functions and tools of the discussed application work. When you finish this short course, using Cheat Engine will no longer be such a problem, while creating any modifications and changes in computer games will become easy. Undoubtedly, a huge advantage of the program is its intuitive graphical user interface.

Cheat Engine
Cheat Engine is a program for scanning game memory in order to change certain parameters to facilitate gameplay. Download this free app today and give yourself immortality in games.
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