SA-MP 0.37 R3 – San Andreas Multiplayer

SA-MP – San Andreas Multiplayer is a free add-on created to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with other players. As in the basic version of the game, you play as one of the original game heroes. The creators of SAMP took care to introduce a number of features which improve the gameplay. This multiplayer add-on in a short amount of time won a crowd of fans who were the players of the original GTA: SA and many more.

How to Download and Install SA-MP – San Andreas Multiplayer

The game can be downloaded for free from its official website. It needs a full version of GTA: SA in order to run. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Story in the Game

In the basic version of the game, you play the role of CJ (Carl Johnson). You are coming to Los Santos to attend your mother’s funeral. A group of our old friends is seeking help in some shady deals. This add-on allows you to play the role of literally every character that appears in the game.

SA-MP – San Andreas Multiplayer Servers

The developers of SA-MP allow you to create your own servers. Consequently, everyone can set up a server according to their own preferences. We distinguish RP (role-playing) servers, in which you simulate real life – you can join a faction, and for example, in order to drive a car, you must pass an exam to obtain driver’s license. When doing your job you receive a salary, for which you can buy a house, car or clothing. The factions are, among others, the police, fire brigade or ambulance. Do you want to be a mechanic, a driver or run a go-go club? Here you go. As with the map configuration, only our own ingenuity is the limit. There are also DM (deathmatch) servers – those in which the basic task is to fight with other participants.

It was a very good idea to enable the configuration of the existing map. Now you can change your world map according to our needs. Only your imagination is what is limiting you. For example, if you wish to start the game in Los Santos, and decide that you want to have Skate Park next to it – you simply place it where you want it. The servers set up by the participants usually have a limited number of people who can join the game.

The Game

You can design the interior of your choice for each building, which gives you the opportunity to live in or adapt to your needs literally every building available in the game.

The fame of SA-MP is hard to compare to the success of this other games of this type. With SA-MP add-on, you can play with people from the other side of the world without leaving your home. San Andres Multiplayer has gathered a group of followers around the world. The reach of the game can be estimated at millions of users, although a specific number cannot be determined. The uniqueness of SAMP lies in the fact that it is you who decides what you want to do in the game.

Comparing the game with, for example, Farming Simulator 17, in which you also have access to the multiplayer, SA-MP is winning by a mile. Considering that in the GTA series we have a story for many hours of the game, the plot in LS 17 is quite poor. Although we play there with a few people, we cannot do separate businesses, etc. What you do in this game is still only the development of the farm.

 SA-MP will be a paragon when considering what you should expect from multiplayer games for many years.

SA-MP - San Andreas Multiplayer
SA-MP is a free mod for the famous action game GTA: San Andreas. Download the game, get on the server and live a criminal life in a virtual open world.
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