Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is a racing simulation game developed and published Kunos Simulazioni. The game was initially released on 19th December 2014 and is available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Assetto Corsa features a variety of racing cars through which players can compete with their opponents in different racing modes. The main aim of the game is to select and adjust a car according to the player’s requirements and use it to come out victorious in a race.

How to Download Assetto Corsa

The game can be downloaded from Steam in the regular or Ultimate Edition. The latter includes the following DLC content called Packs:

  • Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack,
  • Japanese Pack,
  • Red Pack,
  • Dream Pack 1, 2 & 3,
  • Ready to Race Pack,
  • Porsche Pack I, II & III,
  • and Tripl3 Pack.

Another great choice is to download Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official sequel to the game.

The Game Review

Assetto Corsa is basically a racing simulation which offers a very realistic driving experience. The players who get to play the game will experience the full features of the cars they drive. There are two main versions available to play within the game, namely, the single player version and the multiplayer version. In the single player version, Assetto Corsa features a wide range of playable game modes including the campaign, special events, custom championships, hotlap, quick race, drift, drag, and race weekend sessions.

All these game modes can either be played individually or a selected amount of AI can be added to the competitions to compete with. In the multiplayer mode, players have the option to compete in a number of events with other players from around the world. Players can customize their own cars and compete in different competitions with either their friends or different players from different communities.

One of the distinct features which make Assetto Corsa stand out from the rest is its realistic gameplay. Apart from the intensity in racing other players, the game allows players to customize their own cars and set it accordingly as per their requirements.

Regardless of which mode the player decides to choose, they have the option adjust their cars through a setup interface. Depending on the car this includes:

  • gear ratios,
  • tyre compounds,
  • tyre pressures,
  • fuel,
  • suspension settings like anti-roll bars,
  • wheel rates,
  • ride height,
  • packer rates,
  • travel range,
  • damper settings like bump stops and rebounds,
  • heave dampers,
  • alignment setting,
  • drivetrain settings for differential lock and preload,
  • hybrid settings,
  • adjustments to the wings,
  • brake bias,
  • brake power,
  • engine limiter, etc.

Assists like traction control and ABS, turbo boost, KERS, ERS and engine brake settings and brake bias can be adjusted on the fly through hot-keys.

To make things more interesting for the players, Assetto Corsa features over 60 cars of different variety and specifications. The game has partnered up with some of the most popular automobile companies throughout the world including:

  • Audi,
  • BMW,
  • Chevrolet,
  • Ferrari,
  • Ford,
  • KTM,
  • Lamborghini,
  • Lotus,
  • McLaren,
  • Mazda,
  • and Maserati.

Thus, allowing players to be able to use these cars virtually by making modifications to their specifications if need be.

Overall, Assetto Corsa is a very lifelike detailed game which focuses on every aspect of a car. Apart from racing as in most car games, Assetto Corsa allows its players to set up everything according to their suitability. For those who love the idea of customized cars and being able to compete with other car lovers all around the world, Assetto Corsa is a must-play game!

Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa is a racing videogame simulator created by an Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni. Download it now and enjoy realistic driving.
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