F1 2017

F1 2017 is an amazing downloadable game which can be bought from Steam for $59.99. It is a racing game that has a career mode and versus mode depending on what the player wants. The game was developed and published by Codemasters and It was released in August of 2017.

How to Download F1 2017

You can download the game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. To begin downloading click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

As the game begins, we need to create our own character. The creation process includes picking out an avatar, designing a helmet, selecting our nationality, our name and an abbreviated version of our name. Once we start the career mode, the first thing we need to do is select our team. There are teams including Williams racing, Redbull racing, Mercedes Petronas motorsport, Mclaren Honda and a few others. We can see the performance of all the cars in each team and the expectation each team has of winning the Grand Prix.

After selecting a team, we need to select a teammate. After we have set the difficulty and other settings, we begin our career mode with a cutscene with our player in a first person view about to enter the office of Emma Jenkins who is an agent. We get to sign a contract and are told to get ready for the next session. We can get an overview of our vehicle, the weather, and updates on our cars tire through the options menu that appears to us in the form of a laptop.

Once we begin our first session, we can see a news crew interviewing one of our team members whilst other members of the staff work on the car in a short cutscene. Our early practice sessions are a good way for us to earn resource points which can, in turn, be used to upgrade our vehicle.

The game is quite realistic in the sense that it is harder for cars and teams that are underperforming in real life as compared to the ones that are doing better. So, playing this game can be a much harder or easier experience depending on what team you choose.

After a few training sessions, we begin our first qualifying session. 12 minutes are allocated to complete the circuit and depending on what team we choose, we are given a specific minimum that we must achieve.

The start of the first race of the season is accompanied by a cutscene. The reporters give us some exposition of how this year will come along with many changes in the sport. Early races might not go as well as in these stages of the game our car has not gone through enough upgrades to be considered an actual challenge for the Grand Prix but with more races, we can continue to move upwards.

F1 2017 introduced many changes in this installment including online and offline changes. The game is interesting and engaging to play because a unique out of the game experience is provided with exciting cutscenes that hold the attention of the player and keep him interested in the game.

F1 2017
F1 2017 is the ninth game of the famous racing games series from Codemasters. Download it now and enjoy the speed of the competition.
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