Absolver is a martial arts-themed action game developed by SloClap. The game was initially released on 29th August 2017 and was published by Devolver Digital. Absolver overall consists of players choosing a character of their choice and adventuring into a land that is known as Adal where they fight opponents from all around in order to become one of the Absolver Peacekeepers. The game is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

How to Download Absolver

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The Game Review

Absolver is a single-player game that is based on martial arts. The game is held in an open world environment where players train their character and challenge different enemies to become the best of the best. On the main menu, there’s only one major mode available to play which is the campaign.

Before players can start their adventure, it is necessary that they create and customize their own character. One of the main features of the game is that it allows players to create their own characters and choose a specific combat style with each one having a unique ability. These fighting styles are called Forsaken, Kahlt, and Windfall.

Forsaken method is a balanced style which has the special ability to counter moves and briefly stun the opponent.

Kahlt method is mostly defensive and has the power to absorb damage that the player takes while also being able to regenerate health.

Windfall method is quick and consistent as it allows the character to dodge left and right.

The adventure begins with a cutscene where the player’s character is chosen by an elder mentor like character and wears a holy mask after which they end up in a strange land. Once the journey begins, players must travel and fight their opponents using their combat styles.

Absolver also allows its players to wield and fight with different weapons such as swords. As the game progresses, players can also unlock new items such as equipment, fighting styles, weapons, and armor.

Moving on to the main enemies and opponents, the main bosses in Absolver are called Marked-Ones. These Marked-Ones are strong enemies that are unlocked after reaching certain levels in the Combat Trials. In order to defeat them, players have to switch stances and use their combat styles to devise a strategy which targets their enemies’ weaknesses.

Absolver also offers its players to play in multiplayer mode. The game although is mostly playable in single player mode, it still allows online players to team up with each other and go on quests together. Apart from that, players can also directly fight with each other in sparring matches in order to teach each other their characters’ skills.

Overall, the gameplay of Absolver can be compared to the likes of Dark Souls and Street Fighter. The overall mechanics of Absolver are very similar to those in Dark Souls. Both Absolver and Dark Souls have complex melee fights and also emphasize on stamina management. Players fight with opponents while also keeping an eye on their stamina and health levels. All in all, Absolver is an innovative game which keeps its players addicted to it through its rich and advanced combat system.

Absolver is an action role-playing game with a heavy focus on martial arts. Download it and choose your fighting style.
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