True to its nature, the downloadable RPG Ashen sparkles courtesy of some spell-binding visuals and a highly atmospheric world, both of which grants grandiose levels of immersion. Further still, it boasts a plethora of eye-catching panorama’s, as well as some rather robust, yet familiar combat mechanics.

All in all, Ashen is a soulful understudy of another sand-based indie classic. However, it does manage to chisel an identity, despite lacking any of the soul, or perhaps the enigmatic brilliance of Journey.

How to Download Ashen

You can download Ashen from Epic Games Store. To download the game first download and install Epic Game Launcher. To start, click on the link below the review

The Game Review: A Shepard’s Delight

The game, developed by A44 is full of magic and magnetism, and for the most part, its high-fantasy setting acts as a beautiful backdrop, all the while, it stabilizes the somewhat premeditated plot. In many respects, Ashen utilizes its lush ambient soundscapes and visual pastel pallet splendor in all the right ways. That said, environmental storytelling is its strong suit.

The Multiplayer

Much like Thatgamecompany’s title Journey in many ways, Ashen integrates online play via a passive form of multiplayer. As a result, players bump into one another roaming the dusty plains, choosing to either rally as one, or go their separate ways. It’s a nice touch and allying out there in the wasteland certainly has its perks.

Besides, as you experience the game as a party and quest side-by-side, it hits home just how fun this can be to play. What’s more, survivors met along the way can be turned to good use, some even possess skills which come in handy during those labor-intensive crafting hours, like a blacksmith and forage experts.

Ashen: the Gameplay

Regarding gameplay, Ashen plays similarly to the Souls games whereby the combat anchors around a stamina-drain based system. Primarily, this acts as a punish-reward scheme much like that found in FromSoftware’s titles, except it doesn’t aspire to hit the same degrees of difficulty. Still, the battle scenes are fluid and go by the numbers.

For the most part, enemy engagement feels like a real test of character and underlines the importance of gear selection before combat. You don’t want to be flicking through the menu screens when a demonic serpent is breathing down your neck.

Experience Points

A key feature of Ashen, and one that sticks out like a sore thumb, is the XP formula. Like many other games of its genre, most experience points are garnered by exploring new territories on the map, defeating creatures or enemies on the road and crafting new gear. The same applies here.

The Bottom Line

Mainly, the game captures a decent sense of atmosphere, thanks to its subdued pastel tones and soothing soundscapes. However, the story is a little too predictable, and everything is laid out on a plate. Ultimately, the narrative lacks that feeling of mystery. Sure, it looks and feels the part, but what’s missing is an enigmatic undercurrent to coincide with all the stimulating sights and sounds.

Despite all its grand mythical and visual excellence, an absence of mystery keeps Ashen from attaining the soaring heights of those found within Journey. Even so, it does cultivate its own, unique lure factor courtesy of a wide range of fantastical creatures and a powerful ambient score.

Ashen is an action RPG that puts a lot of stress on cooperation and players' relationships. Download it now and fight together in an open fantasy world.
9 Total Score
Ashen Review Summary

  • Enchanting creatures
  • Engaging, comradery based online-play
  • The atmospheric, ambient soundtrack
  • Visually stunning environments
  • Story lacks substance
  • Predictable enemy AI
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