Bloodborne is a dark fantasy horror RPG video game very similar to Dark Souls. The ultimate strategy revolves around the main character, Hunter who is situated in a gothic setting (the city called Yharnam) where a deadly sickness has infected the citizens. The player has to battle the deadly disease and in the process fight through many creatures, obstacles, and challenges. Things will only turn normal once the user has completely eradicated the transmissible illness. With FromSoftware as its developer and Sony Computer Entertainment as its publisher, the game was set to release in March 2015. Designed for PlayStation 4, the users can enjoy the title from the third-person view.

How to Download Bloodborne

To play this gothic action role-playing game you have to download it from PlayStation Store.  To begin you need to click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

The story is about the character that is sent to a dream-like state and upon awakening finds himself in the city of Yharnam. After arriving there, he is assisted by Gehrman (a man on a wheel-chair) who instructs him about the paths and guides him throughout the journey and living doll called Doll that helps Hunter to get through the obstacles. With the passage of time, the hero realizes that the city is not only encapsulated with a deadly ailment but also houses some of the most horrific monsters that he must fight. The goal of the player is to find the place which has given birth to this infirmity and once and for all put an end to it.

The game starts with very interesting customization of the main hero. The player gets to design the different aspects of Hunter such as the color of his skin and eye, hairdo, the structure of the body, name and even his voice. Before you can jump into the adventure, you are made to select the playstyle which is most close to your comfort zone. The different phases with various backstories are known as the Origin. Every Origin will personalize the character in a different way ranging from a fierce battle warrior to a calm player. The challenges that follow will highly depend on the type of character you choose.

Once the users are too distressed by the continuous attacks, they always have the option to shift themselves to another phase called the Hunter’s Dream. This provides you the opportunity to refuel your energy and get back all the strength you lost. Do be prepared, however, to face a multiplied proportion of monsters once you resume the fight.

To get an edge in the game, the players can purchase ammunition and armors that can help them survive the brutal battles. You can keep track of which places to visit and which ones to avoid with the help of a map that is present in the game. You can either translocate yourself from one region to another or simply return to the restart area of the journey.

It’s worth to mention that the game mechanics allow for weapons customization which will be crucial in the confrontations with the bosses. The main hero will have to be prepared to embark on an adventure that is full of dark hidden mysteries and enemies. The different lanterns set up in the entire city work as checkpoints and a path to the Hunter Dream.

Bloodborne is an action RPG set in a Victorian era. Download the game and confront unimaginable dark horrors inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's works.
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