Cube World

Cube World is an indie game created by Picroma’s studio which consists of just two people. It is a sandbox RPG set in a world made up of voxels –  small colored cubes. In 3D environments, these objects replace pixels from 2D games. Cube World is currently in a beta version and is available on the manufacturer’s website. At the moment the only platform on which you will be able to play this title is Windows. There are also plans for Mac OS x and consoles. Because the game hasn’t been updated for some time, many fans raise the question of what happened to Cube World. The game is still in development and we should hope that it will be updated soon. It’s worth to know also another voxel RPG title – the MMORPG Trove.

Cube World – the Japanese Inspirations

Cube World is strongly inspired by Japanese jRPG hits. The influence of the legendary The Legend of Zelda series is particularly evident. When you first launch the game, you see the character creation tool in which you can create your in-game avatar. Among the many options at our disposal, there are, for example, the race and the class of our character. Once we’re done our adventure begins.

While the game lacks clear storyline it makes up for it with a truly open world and unlimited freedom of exploration. It’s the player who decides how the game and the character will develop. Your goal is to travel and discover Cube World. During the adventure, you will enter the dungeons, go deep into the old caves and visit mysterious forests. For killing the opponents we find there we receive various rewards. Upon entering each location you are informed what you need to do to complete the task. The game doesn’t have turn-based combat (characteristic of jRPGs). The fights are played out in real time. This has shifted the fighting system a little bit more into the direction of Western action RPG games.

The Game Mechanics in Cube World

The combat mechanics to a great extent depend on the player choice. Each of the professions has their unique abilities and special moves. On your way, you will encounter diverse creatures and characters. In order to defend against the enemy, you will choose from a range of weapons each with characteristics which depend on your chosen profession. When the mobs are defeated they disintegrate in a spectacular way. As we gain experience and levels, we can spend the earned points to develop our character stats.

Because the world is made up of individual cubes, you can change its structure to a pretty high degree. You are given the ability to destroy or build buildings and create unique objects. The adventures of Cube World can be experienced both solo and together with friends, as the multiplayer system is implemented into the game. Network play gives us the ability to explore dungeons or fight bosses in teams.


The graphics are done in retro style. The game very much looks like the 16-bit RPGs from the hit Japanese consoles of the 80’s and the 90’s. The transformation of this old idea into 3D turned out to be an impressive achievement. The key to this effect are the voxels. The huge world in the game gives you a big sandbox to unleash your creativity. The locations are full of colors and fantastic buildings.

Cube World

Cube World is an open world role-playing game inspired by Japanese productions. Download it and go for an adventure in a world made of cubes.

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