Idle Adventure

Idle Adventure is a downloadable game that was set to release on 14 April 2018 by the zha7, Phaedrus, Yingke Wu as its developer and zha7 as its publisher. This game is a text-based, multiplayer online RPG game in which the people playing it go on to assume the roles of fantasy characters. With most of the game already translated into English, there are still some parts of that will appear in Chinese. However, fortunately, once you start the game, and get past party creation, you will mostly deal with the rest of the game in English.

How to Download Idle Adventure

To download the game for free click on the Download button at the end of the review. Idle Adventure is available for free and since it is in early access frequent updates are to be expected.

The Game Review

The first step in the game is to set up your team so that you can start the fighting. You begin by clicking on the fight option on the top left and then click on the team tab to get your team. You click the text on the bottom right to pick up a name for your unit and the respective class. If you are having trouble understanding the text, you can always use the Google translator to find out about the races and skills relating to each unit. Once you create a team for yourself, you will be presented with two options. The right option confirms your choice of characters for the battle team and the left option deletes it.

You can have a maximum of three characters in your battle team which means that you can make three units and adds them together. Once this is done, you can click on the option of a fight so that your team can start fighting and earn you gold loot which is the ultimate goal of the game. The progress of the game will also depend on the health of your party of adventurers, which will be represented by a health percentage bar. It will be necessary for your heroes o refill their health before they can start the next fight.

As far as the equipment that your protagonist use is concerned, you can click on the menu option on the left where you can buy and sell new stuff. With the progress of each level you play, more gear appears on the list. You can further click on the heroes tab and select inventory to choose and replace the current item.  The statistics are given in the help menu and let you keep track of the status of your game. The three important stats in the Idle Adventure are:

  • Power + weapon that allows you to analyze the amount of damage that you deal with,
  • Con + armor which is the total value of defense that your team incurs
  • and Dex which decides which team moves first and increase hit and dodge chances.

Suppose your team hits an opponent, then the total attack value will be added to your total defense value, and that will represent the basic damage value of the current round. You can also move zones within the game. To move zone click on the fight button and then on the map which shows you the different zones of the game and their level ranges. The game is still under process and is subject to further updates.

Idle Adventure
Idle Adventure is a Chinese text multiplayer role-playing game. Get your party of adventurers, choose from the seven races of Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings and mysterious, tiefling. Level up, explore dungeons and take part in PVP battles. Download the game now for free.
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zha7, Phaedruns, Yingke Wu
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