Iratus: Lord of the Dead

I was not sure what to expect with Iratus: Lord of the Dead which is best described as a dungeon-crawling roguelike game. What I can tell you is that it is the kind of game that kept pulling me back. The kind of game that made me say “just one more go” until I realized it was like 2 in the morning and I had to get up at 7 to take my son swimming!

How to Download Iratus: Lord of the Dead

You can obtain the game from Steam. To proceed, click on the Download button below the review. A similar title you might want to have a look at is Darkest Dungeon.

The Game Review

What really made the game click for me is the story behind it. Instead of playing as a brave knight or warrior trying to stop the darkness. You are the darkness! You play as a necromancer who is looking to build an evil army and unleash darkness on the world. The idea of playing as the villain is really cool and in general, the story and lore the game has is something, I found very interesting.

Iratus is the name of the character that you play as. Iratus has many different abilities that he can use. As you progress you can make use of a skill tree that has four different parts to it. These are, alchemy, magic, ire, and destruction. What kind of player you are will dictate what one you focus on first, I mainly focused on magic with a tad of destruction.

One of the coolest concepts of the game is that Iratus can make an army to do his bidding. He makes his monstrous creatures with the body parts of his fallen victims, how awesome is that? You can make 16 different types of monster to fight for you including vampires and zombies and I had a blast with this.

There are over 100 different abilities between all of the monster types and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. This means that there is actually some strategy to how you go about using them. Actually, Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based game so there is a lot of strategy in general when it comes to the combat. I found this to be fun and rather easy to get the hang of and I am not the best turn-based kind of player.

The dungeons that you will be exploring are pretty awesome and gloomy to look at. It is a roguelike game so if you lose some of your monster buddies then you say goodbye to them forever! I loved looking for the next battle so that I could get some more body parts to replenish my monster army of undead creatures.

The presentation of the game is very well done. As well as spending time with the game, I have also read a lot about it and it is not getting the credit it deserves for its visuals. The voice acting as well is great and I get a sense that there is a bit of dry humor here with some of the delivery.

In all I think that Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a great time. As I write this it is early access, but it is still incredibly polished. I have had a great time playing this and I feel it walks the line between being good for hardcore rougelike RPG fans and those who are somewhat new to the genre as well.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead
Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based RPG game in which you send your evil minions against brave adventurers. Download it now and enjoy tactical battles.
8 Total Score
Iratus: Lord of the Dead Review Summary

  • I love the story of the game
  • Iratus is a really cool character
  • Playing as the bad guy is fun
  • You can create a monster army from your dead enemies!
  • The game poses a fun and fair challenge
  • The game is still pretty hard
  • The story is great, but just a tad more would really be awesome
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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