Monster Hunter: World

Following the acclaimed Monster Hunter Series, Monster Hunter: World by Capcom shows many promising features to the game that will elevate it beyond its previous titles into something of its own. But of course, holding true to its name, the core gameplay of killing giant beasts in an intense showdown by yourself or with friends still holds true as you go on a journey to craft the strongest weapons and armor.

How to Download Monster Hunter: World

You can Monster Hunter: World from PlayStation and Microsoft online stores to enjoy it for PS4 and Xbox One. The release date of the PC version is still unknown but you should expect to be able to download it online towards the end of 2018. To begin click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

The game incorporates veteran and new players equally into its new world as many changes make the game more accessible to pick up and play without the most knowledge about the game. To be fair, this is not by any means calling the game easy as complexity additions in combat as well as more ways to challenge beasts tests the limits of veteran players and drills the basics into the novice.

Each moment in the game never seems like a chore and the unique monsters always bring something new to the table that ensures creativity will be required. As the title would suggest, monsters are what runs the world and that allows them to take center stage while the player equally plays a part in slaying each of these marvelous creatures.

Notable changes in Monster Hunter: World, unlike its predecessors, that it is an open world without traveling to different zones to fight certain monsters. Everything is together and brings the world as one place for the player to discover and fight through. As an updated game, crafting is also more complex with different and more combinations with items to be found or fought for. And while saying that there is a heavier emphasis on multiplayer may not say much, it really does make a difference in this game because the world around you is so big.

The game also seems more unpredictable as zones are not set to themselves anymore and the open world aspect really has changed on how the player traverses and interacts with the things around them, whether monsters, items, quests, etc.

As a long-time Monster Hunter fanboy, I thoroughly enjoyed the game for what it provided. Battles where you can’t just go all in all the time (shoutout to Dark Souls), awesome graphics and monster design, well-done character design with weapons and armor, so much to craft and so much to explore.

Some common complaints have been about its eventual repetition of gameplay but Monster Hunter has always been a repetitive game so to speak at one point but that’s only if you make it so. Sure farming monsters and grinding is a chore but just because they are core aspects of a game, it shouldn’t shadow all else that the game has to offer.

Combat itself can also be clunky feeling at times but in my opinion, that’s a small price to pay considering that most of the time, everything clicks, and those are the moments players live for and count best anyway. Everything has errors, should you make these small errors get the best of you go ahead, but for me, I’ll take it for what it’s worth.

Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World is an open-world action RPG in which you explore the wild in search of monsters to kill. Download the game and go on a series of quests to slay powerful beasts.
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